Mockplus – Quickly Build Interactive Prototypes With Simplicity

The prototyping stage of a project allows designers or design teams to create detailed, working mockups of mobile applications, websites or web apps, to test the functionality, flesh out ideas, and gather feedback from users, before moving on to the coding stage.

While there are many modern prototyping tools available, not all of them offer the kind of functionality, flexibility and simplicity of Mockplus, an application with the beautiful aim of making the complex simple.

What is MockPlus?

Available for both Windows and Mac, Mockplus is an all-in-one desktop application for quickly creating and analyzing mobile, desktop, and web app prototypes. Its focus is purely on speed, having a short learning curve, and offering you the perfect amount of tools to rapidly create and share prototypes with your team or users.


How Will Mockplus Make Your Life Easier?

Building an application with designers in mind is no easy task. The team behind Mockplus have studied what designers look for when choosing a prototyping application and have concluded that the key features are: making the tool as easy as possible to use and being able to create effective interactive prototypes with as little fuss as possible.

Delving deeper, here are just some the key features that make Mockplus the perfect tool for creating prototypes:


No Coding Skills Required: Being code-free and easy-to-learn, with Mockplus, you can focus purely on the design and have a working prototype in under five minutes.

Pre-Designed Components & Icons: As Mockplus has been bundled with over 200 pre-designed and editable components, a generous amount of markup components, and 400 icons (more coming soon!), you can create any type of interactive layout very quickly. If you can imagine it, you can create it.


Drag & Drop Creation: You can design interactive components effortlessly with its clear and intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Hand-Drawn-Style Components: Everybody loves sketch or hand-drawn style components, it just adds to the authenticity of the prototype. Mockplus keeps all lines and controls as they are drawn.


Preview & Share on Mobile: Mockplus allows you to to test, preview and share prototypes on mobile devices, without the need for remote publishing.

Combine Components & Export: With the ‘Group’ feature, you can combine components to create a customized components, which can be further edited, ungrouped or nested again. Its simple export options allow you to export your design to images or HTML rapidly.


Download and Try Mockplus

To convince you further, you can freely download Mockplus and experience its simplicity and power for yourself.

After you have tried the application and with all you have learned about Mockplus today, the question is, how are you, or your team, going to build your next prototype?

Download Mockplus Now!

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