Quick Illustrator Tutorial: How to make a Juicy Fruit Logo Design

A logo featuring fruit cannot be boring (it will not work). The trick to a good fruit logo is to emphasize what makes the fruit mouth-watering: bright colors and juicy shapes. Web 2.0 style logo design can help with this. In this tutorial I outline the steps to create a Juicy Strawberry Logo like this one:

Fruit Logo

Here are the steps to create a juicy and fresh strawberry logo, clean and legible (which you can apply to your favorite fruit):

Step 1

Create the general shape of the fruit. It should look like an egg. Apply a linear gradient from a strong red to a darker red :

Fruit Logo Design Tutorial

Step 2

As we want a kind of "web 2.0 fruit" with a glossy style, we will duplicate the global shape, reduce it to approx. 97% and apply another gradient to a lighter red. Then, another shape with a very light red will make the reflect of the strawberry.

Fruit Logo Design Tutorial

Step 3

Now let’s try to make those little yellow dots. Just make a yellow ellipse on a red gradient ellipse (for the shadow) and place it here and there.

Fruit Logo Design Tutorial

Fruit Logo Design Tutorial

Step 4

It’s time to make the leaf hat of the strawberry. Same thing as the fruit itself. Trace the first leaf with a green gradient.

Fruit Logo Design Tutorial

Step 5

Then duplicate the shape, reduce it to 97% and apply a lighter green gradient. Trace a shiny reflect.

Fruit Logo Design Tutorial

Step 6

Duplicate the leaf, make a slight rotation and place it in the background for the leaf on the right. Duplicate these two leaves, make a mirror reflection for the leaves on the left. Don’t forget the stem, and place the whole thing upon the strawberry. Finally, make a -45° rotation to the fruit.

Fruit Logo Design Tutorial

Fruit Logo Design Tutorial

Step 7

What would be a good old web 2.0 logo without his reflect on the ground ? So take the first shape of the strawberry, apply a mirror reflection and place it at the bottom of the fruit.

Fruit Logo Design Tutorial

Step 8

Apply to this new shape a light linear gradient from a light gray to a white. Now we’ve got our glossy fruit, yummy !

Fruit Logo Design Tutorial

Step 9

Finally, add the name of the company in a fruity style. We’ll see in a next tutorial how to do this.

Fruit Logo Design Tutorial

In summary sweet colours, round shapes, reflections, everything is here to make a brilliant, fresh, clean and funky design.

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  • Nice logo design and nice colors.

  • sstratton8

    Awesome tutorial!!