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The New Vibrant Avatars from Flickr

on Inspiration

If you have’t already noticed, Flickr has recently underwent a major redesign. Among other things such as a terabyte of disk space and a new and inspired user interface, Flickr has also recreated one of those tiny details that are generally forgotten or dismissed by otherswe are of course talking about the often ignored avatar.

With the new design, Flickr ‘retired’ their old ‘Howdy’ avatar, and commissioned visual designer Charis Tsevis to create a series of vibrant avatars that would reflect the Flickr community and product.

The attention to detail from Charis is phenomenal, just have a look at these:

Retro Camera

Retro CameraFlickr

Twin-Lens Reflex Camera

Twin-Lens Reflex CameraFlickr

Olympus-like DSLR Modern Camera

Olympus DSLR Modern CameraFlickr

Smart Phone

Smart PhoneFlickr



Canon-like DSLR Camera


Nikon DSLR Camera

Nikon DSLR CameraFlickr

Medium Format Camera (like the Hasselblad)

Medium Format CameraFlickr

Fujifilm Point n’ Shoot

Fujifilm Point n' ShootFlickr

Leica Light Point n’ Shoot

Leica Light Point n' ShootFlickr

Sony Point n’ Shoot Camera

Sony Point n' Shoot CameraFlickr

Nikon Compact SLR camera


The Avatar Collection

The Avatar CollectionFlickr

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