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UX Trends


Exploring the Current User Experience Trends for Admin Dashboards

The design techniques for admin dashboards are not as openly shared as website layouts. This is because you do not always find examples of admin designs open on the web….


Exploring the Design Trends of Magazine-Style Homepage Layouts

Designers who have been paying attention to online blogs and news sources will have noticed the increasing trend of magazine-style website layouts. Specifically, news listings where you may find a…


12 Free Smoke Brush Packs for Adobe Photoshop

Check out our collection of high-resolution and free smoke brush packs for Adobe Photoshop, and download and use them on your next project.


Concepts & Design Trends for Modern eCommerce Web Design

eCommerce websites are especially unique in that designers must focus on product showcases within the layout. User interfaces are not much more complex, but they do require lots of additional…


Landing Page Design Trends for Selling Digital Products

Web designers and developers have been practicing the art of landing page layouts for over a decade. The refined techniques we use in modern websites have been crafted from years…


Review of Popular Web Design Trends from 2012

The year 2012 has seen an immense burst of creative energy. Many web designers & developers will notice this energy is still carrying us over into the new year. But…


Design Trends for More Accessible Mobile Content

When dealing with mobile interface design you have to consider a number of factors. Not all devices are built the same, and so each visitor will have a different experience…


Quick look at some of the Popular Web Design Trends from 2011