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Top Website and Page Building Tools of 2018

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Unless you’re working from a short list, trying to find the best website or page builder can take lots of time. There are plenty of “almost but not quite what you need” software solutions out there. Also, the prices can also be an obstacle.

We want to make it much easier for you to find what you need. So, we created this listing of what we believe to be the best of the best site and page builders on the market. We have taken into consideration the factors of power, performance, and price.

One thing we know for sure; you’ll like what you see here.

1. Mobirise Website Builder

Mobirise Website Builder

There’s good news and more good news about the Mobirise Website Builder. First, it’s free for both personal and commercial use. Whether you’re building a website for yourself, for your own business, or for a client’s business, there are no restrictions; you can style your website any way you like and host it wherever you like as well.

The other good news about this easy-to-use website builder is the more than 800 trendy website blocks and templates that include a responsive image gallery with lightbox, full-screen intro, video backgrounds, and parallax scrolling to name a few.

There’s much more of course. Building is by drag and drop, no coding is required, and you have access to a library of 7,000 icons, 100,000 free images, and 800 Google fonts. Since the Mobirise templates are based on the latest Google AMP or Bootstrap framework, you can expect lightning-fast performance and mobile-ready results.

Download Mobirise’s free version for Windows or MacOS now. A premium version is also available.

2. Visual Composer Website Builder

Visual Composer Website Builder

Although Visual Composer Builder was designed by WPBakery, it is not the same as the WPBakery Builder. These two high-performance website builders are completely different, and independent of one another.

You can select Visual Composer Builder’s Free version or the Premium version. We suggest you select the free version first. All you need to do is visit the website and download it. You’ll be more than happy with the features the Builder provides, as well as its performance. You can then decide if and when you want to make the switch to the Premium version.

This mouse-click driven drag and drop builder requires no coding, it is compatible with any WordPress theme and you’ll have multiple design options and elements to work with including WordPress widgets and shortcodes.

Give Visual Composer’s free version a try. You’ll like what you see.

3. Portfoliobox


If you’ve grown weary of the various constraints many standard themes impose on you, Portfoliobox lets you create any style for any website page. With Portfoliobox, it’s much easier to build a website that’s unlike any others and stands out from the crowd. No coding is involved, and a project can be completed within a few hours.

Portfoliobox also gives you the option of choosing either a Free or Pro plan. This amazing website builder also has a one-of-a-kind option for students. Porfoliobox’s student account offers all the Pro features and templates, with personalized domain coming only at USD 19 / year.

The Free plan provides hosting for 30 images, ten products, and ten pages. You also have access to any Pro template for 30 days. The Pro plan provides hosting for 1,000 images, for an unlimited number of pages and products, a personalized domain, Easy Google integration, and custom CSS/JS.

4. uKit


uKit is a super-flexible, responsive website builder that was created with small businesses in mind. 200+ templates to start a project come with the package. Simply drag and drop design elements along with your content onto each page.

When your pages are complete you can wrap up your project with a single click.

5. Elementor Page Builder

Elementor Page Builder

Elementor is a visual drag and drop page builder. This WordPress plugin allows to design & build anything, and it’s free!

Elementor is probably the easiest way to create a website on WordPress. The visual editor is fast, intuitive and no coding is necessary. Designing pixel perfect landing pages with the mobile editing feature will take your WordPress design to the next level. You’ll also have access to the large template library and other unique features that will supercharge your workflow.

6. Themify Builder

Themify Builder

Themify Builder offers an easier, more practical approach to creating layouts. It’s drag and drop builder gives you a live preview of the changes you make, and its responsive styling feature enables you to custom style a layout so that it will appear correctly on the desktop and mobile devices.

Themify Builder works with any theme and most plugins.

7. Pixpa


Pixpa’s all-in-one platform will save you time and money by enabling you to avoid having to rely on multiple services. Pixpa’s affordable pricing, its mobile-friendly themes and an extensive feature list that includes a built-in eCommerce store, makes creating professional websites and portfolios a breeze. Photographers, artists, and designers of all types love what this creative portfolio builder has to offer.

You can try Pixpa for free.

8. IM Creator

IM Creator

You can build your own website starting now and do it the fun way – assuming a Lego block approach appeals to you. The IM Creator approach to page building involves using ready-made stripes and polydoms. Mix, match, and customize them as you please, add your content, and you’re done.

A gorgeous eCommerce solution comes with the package. IM Creator is totally free for artists, non-profits, and students. A white label version is available.


It isn’t often you get to select from the best of the bunch of any product. Especially, if most of them are free, or free under certain conditions.

Any one of these 8 products can make your day. Any can satisfy a crying need and speeds up your workflow. Additionally, each of these products enables you to delight your clients. They do so by delivering better and more innovative websites.

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