Wix Empowers Creative Freedom Through Professional Tools

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Wix is one most well-known website builders on the market. And when web designers hear the name, they might think that it’s a DIY tool aimed at non-professionals. True, the Wix interface is easy enough for anyone to use – regardless of technical knowledge. But what you may not know is that it’s also packed with features that professionals crave.

The truth is that, when you take a look “under the hood”, you’ll find that building a site with Wix for yourself or your clients provides you with an incredible amount of power and flexibility.

Create Your Website Without Limits

Create Your Website Without Limits

Web professionals require a platform that lets them create on their own terms. We want to build a website that looks and functions exactly the way we want – regardless of where it was built. Wix provides everything we need to make it happen.

Start From Scratch…or Not
When building with Wix, you can choose your own path. Get a quick start by using one of their beautiful templates or build your own look from scratch. Either way, you can customize each element to your heart’s content. You have complete control of it all.

Code? Why Yes, You Can.
Wix Code is a feature that may just become your secret weapon. Use it to easily build web applications and content-rich websites. You’ll be able to set up database collections, create custom forms and even tap into powerful APIs. Since it uses the same visual components as the Wix Editor, you’ll already have some familiarity with how things work.

Wix Code

Fully Professional Solutions
Regardless of what type of website you build with Wix, you’ll find top-notch features to help you achieve your project goals. Tools like Wix Store, Wix Video, Wix Pro Gallery and Wix Bookings are there to provide great functionality and help you monetize your site. And they cover every niche, including eCommerce, hotels, music, restaurants and more.

That Famous Ease of Use

Efficiency helps busy designers get more done in less time. That’s why Wix has developed hundreds of design features that help you create a beautiful website with minimal effort. Using their drag-and-drop UI, you can place elements exactly where you want without having to deal with code. It’s an incredible timesaver.

Plus, previously-complicated features have been rendered simple and painless. Add animations, parallax scrolling, video backgrounds and more without all the hassle. You can also choose from hundreds of installed fonts – or upload your own. With Wix, everything just works.

Even more impressive is that you’re not boxed in when it comes to layouts. Multi-column layouts are easy to create. No need to jump through hoops just to get the look you want.

Put it all together and you’ll find that Wix lets you focus on the creation and development process. You don’t have to hop from application to application or deal with complicated feature integrations. Everything you need is all right there in front of you.

The Tools Web Pros Need

Wix is constantly looking for ways to put more power into the hands of designers. Their aim is to simplify your workflow and keep you ahead of the game.

Never Look Outdated
Building a website with Wix means that you’ll always have access to the cutting edge of design. Templates are always being added, which means that the latest design trends are just a few clicks away. So, when a client asks “Can we make it look like that?” – You’ll be able to make it happen in no time.

Wix Templates

Real-Time Feedback
Collaborating with clients and colleagues is incredibly easy. With a single click, you can share your work with others and receive feedback in real-time. This saves you from endless email chains and can cut down on the revision process.

AI That Understands Your Needs
Wix has created Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) to make website creation a snap. It’s the first ever artificial intelligence that will design a site for you. The system learns about your needs and builds the perfect site to match.

Valuable Services and Resources
You won’t have to hunt around for great resources because Wix already has them. For example, take advantage of their image collection. It features thousands of visuals from both Wix and Shutterstock. You’ll also find tools to help with SEO, invoices and email marketing.

Start Creating With Wix

Start Creating With Wix

Wix offers professional designers a platform that is fast, stable and secure. And they provide you with complete control over the design and development process. Plus, you’ll have access to tools that bring the powerful features you demand. No detail has been overlooked.

Get started for free with Wix today and take advantage of the most technologically advanced website builder the world has to offer.

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