RIM Unveils BlackBerry 10 Tools for Developers

Trying hard to recapture the market share it has lost to Apple and Google, Research in Motion Ltd, or RIM, unveiled a series of tools and apps for developers, allowing them to create and develop applications in advance of its forth coming BlackBerry 10 platform.

To put it bluntly, RIM is way behind iOS and Android when it comes to getting independent developers and content creators to build apps for mobile devices. Both Android and iOS have the definite advantage over BlackBerrys OS in terms of third-party apps, and RIM is obviously aiming to change that. And in its bid to do so, RIM handed out to everyone that attended the BlackBerry 10 Jam a prototype device named Alpha Dev to developers, allowing them to test their newly created apps on the newly-launched platform. Alpha Dev does not contain a physical keyboard, and resembles a smaller version of RIM’s PlayBook tablet. However, RIM is quick to declare that the final BlackBerry 10 devices will be different from Alpha Dev.

Will you be developing apps for for the new Blackberry 10 operating system? What do you think of the BlackBerry 10 tools? Impressive, or yet another futile attempt to combat iOS and Android? Do share your thoughts!