Yahoo! Unveils Axis – A ‘Search’ Browser Enhancement

With yet another step towards redefining internet search, Yahoo! recently launched Axis – a web browser enhancement.

Being hailed as a tool to enhance your search experience, Axis lets you search and see visual results without leaving the page you’re currently on. Traditionally, we are used to seeing links as search results. Axis, on the other hand, presents you with a panorama view of thumbnails that you can scroll and view right above the web page you’re currently browsing.

Eye candy? Sure!

Efficiency? Only time will tell!

Yahoo! Axis is being viewed by some users as a direct response to Google’s Knowledge Graph. Further more, Bing also recently previewed plans of showcasing search results and recommendations on the basis of social networking sites. Yahoo!, with Axis, intends to implement the same concept in a more visually appealing manner.

Currently, it is available as a browser plugin for the likes of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE9. Mobile users can also install Axis on their iPhone or iPad, though Android users will need to wait as of now.


Presently, Axis won’t show any ads next to results, but Yahoo! hopes to attract video and graphic commercials soon.

Have you tried Axis? What did you think of it? Do share your views with us!