40 Recently Released Free Fonts

Struggling to find that particular font that matches your creative vision? Well, you have came to right place. For today’s post we have collected 40 recently (last 4-5 months) released fonts that will hopefully make your search that little bit easier.

All of the free fonts in this post can be used in both your personal and commercial projects. But please do check the licenses of each just to be clear, as they have been known to change from time to time.

Remember that typography has and always will play a critical and definitive role in how a user/reader interacts with your project. So when it comes to selecting your fonts please do “choose wisely“.

40 Free Fonts

Bebas Neue designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa

Bebas Neuefont designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa free font

Bebas Neue →

Asfalto designed by Fernando Forero

Asfaltofont designed by Fernando Forero free typeface

Asfalto →

Bitter designed by Huerta Tipografica

Bitterfont designed by Huerta Tipografica free font

Bitter →

Korneuburg Slab designed by Flö Rastbichler

Korneuburg Slabfont designed by Flö Rastbichler free typeface

Korneuburg Slab →

Barokah designed by Seruput Studio

Barokahfont designed by Seruput Studio free font

Barokah →

Fira designed by Mozilla

Fira free typeface

Fira →

Norwester designed by Jamie Wilson

Norwester free font

Norwester →

Kaiju designed by Anthony James

Kaijufont designed by Anthony James free typeface

Kaiju →

Homizio Nova designed by Álvaro Thomáz

Homizio Novafont designed by Álvaro Thomáz free font

Homizio Nova →

Quirky Nots designed by Amit Jakhu

Quirky Notsfont designed by Amit Jakhu free typeface

Quirky Nots →

Ormont designed by Youssef Habchi

Ormontfont designed by Youssef Habchi free font

Ormont →

Alegreya Sans designed by Huerta Tipografica

Alegreya Sansfont designed by Huerta Tipografica free typeface

Alegreya Sans →

Nauman Regular designed by The Northern Block

Nauman Regularfont designed by The Northern Block free font

Nauman Regular →

Sketchetik Fill Light designed by Ossi Gustafsson

Sketchetik Fill Lightfont designed by Ossi Gustafsson free font

Sketchetik Fill Light →

Ayres designed by Mariel Gornati

Ayresfont designed by Mariel Gornati free typeface

Ayres →

Kari designed by Javier Rivero

Karifont designed by Javier Rivero free font

Kari →

Southpaw designed by Tyler Finck

Southpawfont designed by Tyler Finck free typeface

Southpaw →

Sullivan designed by Jason Mark Jones

Sullivanfont designed by Jason Mark Jones free font

Sullivan →

Telex designed by Huerta Tipografica

Telexfont designed by Huerta Tipografica free typeface

Telex →

Exo 2.0 designed by Natanael Gama

Exo 2.0 - Geometric Sans Serif free font

Exo 2.0 →

Mohave designed by Gumpita Rahayu

Mohave Typefaces free typeface

Mohave →

Odin Rounded designed by Frank Hemmekam

Odin Rounded free font

Odin Rounded →

Hallo Sans designed by Fredrik Staurland

Hallo Sans free typeface

Hallo Sans →

Cuprum designed by Jovanny Lemonad

Cuprum free font

Cuprum →

Cosmic Sans Neue

Cosmic Sans Neue free typeface

Cosmic Sans Neue →

Figa designed by Pier Paolo

Figa free font

Figa →

SilverLeaf designed by Nathan Brown

SilverLeaf free typeface

SilverLeaf →

Neris designed by Eimantas Paškonis

Neris Web free font

Neris →

Hipstelvetica designed by José Gomes

Hipstelvetica free typeface

Hipstelvetica →

Carrois Gothic designed by Ralph Oliver du Carrois

Carrois Gothic Web free font

Carrois Gothic →

Dyspepsia designed by Ray Larabie

Dyspepsia free typeface

Dyspepsia →

Sifonn designed by Rafa Goicoechea

Sifonn free font

Sifonn →

Peyo Regular designed by Shannon Lim

Peyo Regularfont designed by Shannon Lim free typeface

Peyo Regular →

Esqadero FF CY designed by Sergiy Tkachenko

Esqadero FF CYfont designed by Sergiy Tkachenko free font

Esqadero FF CY →

Lousiane designed by JuanJo Rivas del Rio

Lousiane free typeface

Lousiane →

Born Free designed by Carlos De Toro

Born Free free font

Born Free →

Tryst designed by Philatype

Trystfont designed by Philatype free typeface

Tryst →

Gaspar designed by Carlos Alonso

Gasparfont designed by Carlos Alonso free font

Gaspar →

Corduroy Slab designed by Ryan Welch

Corduroy Slab OT free typeface

Corduroy Slab →

Corbert Condensed designed by The Northern Block

Corbert Condensed Regular & Italic +Web Font free font

Corbert Condensed →

Verb Condensed designed by Yellow Design Studio

Verb Condensed Regular & Italic  +Web Font free typeface

Verb Condensed Regular →

Dense designed by Charles Daoud

Dense free font

Dense →

Canter designed by Christopher J. Lee

Canter free font

Canter →

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