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About: Addison Duvall is the author of Food Identities, a blog that explores the crossroads of food, design, art, and culture. She’s written some things, designed other things, and eaten a whole lot of food.

It’s All About The Packaging

When I was a student in design school, I once did an assignment for a teacher who made us stand up and present our projects to the entire class. Now I’m not the best public presenter, and as a teenager in college, I was even worse. After I fumbled through my presentation, my teacher pulled me aside and said that…


Your Freelance Reputation Matters & How To Improve It

If you don’t already know, you are constantly being evaluated by everyone you meet. I’m not just talking about your work performance, either, although that’s certainly important. But you’re also being evaluated as a person; your attitude, the words you choose, the way you dress, and yes – the way you look as well, are all constantly on display to…


Generalizing Your Skills Will Never Make You a Design Specialist

I’m going to talk about something controversial today. Everyone strap in and brace yourselves. Design freelancers like to encourage newbies entering the industry to learn as many skills as they can to make themselves attractive as a job candidate. This is well-meaning advice that undoubtedly comes from a good place. But generally speaking, these ‘generalists’ who try to design, code,…


Limited Exposure Creates Limited Design

I am going to explore, in this post, some of the reasons why designers can hit creative stalemates and what can be done to get past their limited design. Have you ever been looking through design annuals or other publications, keeping up to date on what’s happening in the industry, when you happen upon a bunch of work that’s leaps…


Harnessing The Power Of Design Mythology

There’s a legend among the cheese connoisseurs of New York City. In most of the US, it’s illegal to sell raw (non-pasteurized) dairy products. The reasons why are complicated, but many non-Americans who were raised on fresh milk and cheeses are often surprised when they come stateside and are unable to purchase anything that came purely from a cow. Nevertheless,…


Getting Them Below the Fold

In this article we’ll go over what you’re really supposed to be doing as a designer, and just what role your designs play in your client’s sales funnel, and ultimately helping them get their customers ‘below the fold’. Many designers are confused about how they should go about making their designs sell their clients’ product or service to potential customers….


Why Working For Cheap Isn’t Always Bad

How many of you know the proper way to approach a diet? Many people don’t, which is why they fail to work. There’s a specific mentality you need to have in order to get through a diet successfully, and it has to do with what you believe about the permanence of your current situation. When starting a design project, whether…


Where’s The Fire? Calming A Panicky Client

Everyone has had the kind of clients that you wish you could strangle – the scope creepers, the micromanagers, the non-payers. It’s very aggravating, but it is a long-established part of being a freelancer. But there’s a certain kind of client in particular who is as much a danger to him or herself as they are to you. I’m talking,…