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Conditional Variables and Database Queries in WordPress

Over the years, WordPress blogs have grown from simple websites full of basic content to categorized, tagged, archived, and well-organized websites that contain nearly ten years of blog posts, dynamic pages, and other information. There’s no doubt that the 60 million users who use WordPress software have taken the “content management system” label to heart. Because WordPress is now responsible…


WordPress Form Plugins that can be Easily and Instantly Installed

Deployment of custom WordPress form plugins forms is pretty easy, largely because the plugins are designed to easily and instantly integrate into any template with minimal XHTML or PHP knowledge. They’ll even give themselves some CSS styling, saving the hassle of adding new, field-specific classes to stylesheet. Here are the best options for deploying one of these convenient custom forms…


The WP_List_Table Function: What it Is and How to Use It Within a Typical WordPress Installation

For the past several major releases of WordPress, the columns of data within the WordPress Dashboard have been sortable either in ascending or descending order. This applies to virtually every column located within the Dashboard, including those that advertise categories, post titles, publishing dates, or page creation dates. It can also alphabetize things like categories, tags, and even pages or…


15 Free, Minimal and Responsive WordPress Themes

In this round-up we have compiled some of the best free, minimal and responsive WordPress themes that have been recently released. All of the beautiful themes below do work perfectly well as they are across all screen resolutions, but the real beauty of these minimal themes is that they can all be used as a great base for further development….


How to Install Multiple WordPress Websites into a Single MySQL Database

WordPress counts more than 60 million worldwide users of all sizes, from corporate websites to personal blogs. And while corporate implementations of WordPress might have access to unlimited server resources and MySQL databases, it’s often true that amateur web hosting plans cut corners and eliminate features in order to save customers money. In most cases, one of the first features…


Increasing Traffic and Revenue: How to Set Up an Affiliate System within WordPress

Affiliate systems are pretty complex, and this necessitates an appropriately broad and advanced plugin to fully administer the functionality that is considered standard with any such program. Sadly, this means that most of the major plugins for enabling a WordPress affiliate program are paid plugins that place a premium on their advanced features and capabilities. That’s not necessarily a bad…