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In this category you will find articles, resources and applications covering all aspects of web and mobile wireframing. Content includes GUI resources, web-based mockup apps, desktop applications and sketching templates.

Wireframes… Who Needs Them?

I do, and throughout this post I’ll try to explain why you do too. So what exactly are wireframes? Wireframes are visual representations of your websites structure, a blueprint to help establish hierarchy. They are usually limited to shapes, forms and text, and they rarely use any colour. The primary function of any wireframe is to show your client how…

Fantastic Freebie: 3D Web UI Kit

We have partnered with MediaLoot to offer you a fantastic free resource today: A Glossy 3D Web UI Kit. The kit is available in both .psd and .png versions and is choc-full of beautifully designed modern web elements covering almost all aspects of web design. Glossy 3D Web UI Kit Individual Elements The glossy 3d web UI kit download package…

An Introduction to HTML Prototyping

Since starting work as a web designer I have always, and will always obsess over improving my project workflow, my own design pattern if you will. Never afraid to make a couple of wrong turns along the way, my intellectual pursuit has seen me produce wireframes in Photoshop, sketch them out in meticulous detail, and not so meticulous detail, test-drive…

A Collection of Printable Web Browser Sketching and Wireframe Templates

All of the printable sketching templates that you will find below have all been designed specifically for web designers. Each of the sketching templates have an imprint of a web browser (they either use Safari, Chrome or Firefox) just waiting for you to wireframe or sketch your next design project. Each template is slightly different, most have various grid sizes,…

25 Awesome Adobe Fireworks Resources for Web and App Developers

Adobe Fireworks’ features and work-flow undeniably make it the industry pioneer and leader for web graphic prototyping and rapid web site building. Even though, with each new version, Adobe have slowly over-loaded it with new features – some of these have proved to be useful and popular, while others have simply been pointless – but at its core it will…

10 Completely Free Wireframe and Mockup Applications

Every web designer and developer should have a good and reliable wireframe (mockup or prototype) tool at there disposal. The importance of such a tool differentiates amongst web designers and developers, some use them, some don’t. Personally, I use them. It is in this initial stage of development that makes web design enjoyable, the coming together of the clients needs and your own creative ideas onto a blank canvas, allowing you to plan effectively the visual arrangement of the sites content.

8 Free Pictogram Icon Libraries and Collections

A pictogram is a graphical symbol that can represent a sign or even, simple instructions, in essence, a concept that has been stripped down to its bare essentials, yet still recognizable as the original idea.
Pictograms can be of help with usability and accessibility on your web site. It is a universal language, everyone understands and can read the icons.