CouchCMS – A simple CMS solution for web designers

CouchCMS is a self-hosted simple CMS that has been created specifically with web designers in mind. It allows a designer to take any HTML/CSS templates and convert it into a fully content managed site, quite literally in minutes. Unlike most other CMSs out there, Couch works by being retrofitted within an existing design or static site and not vice versa….

Navigation Accessibility Tips

Website navigation is our common communication system between all other web pages. Interlinking through unique identifiers (URLs) has worked for decades. If anything navigation links have been with the basics of web design since the early days. Through advancements in digital arts and design we have seen new practices bubbling up everywhere. Accessibility has turned into a major concern for…

A Call to Arms Against Unscrupulous Autobloggers

For those that don’t already know, autoblogging is much like it sounds. It is a term that was coined around 2006 to mean that a computer can do the job of a human blogger automatically, by using robot to go to the web an acquire content to be published on the owners site. Sounds OK in principle and could be…

15 Minimal Desktop Wallpapers for Christmas

Christmas is rapidly approaching, and no doubt most of you would have already decorated your desktop with a jolly, festive and seasonally uplifting Christmas-card-a-like wallpaper. At the risk of sounding like the Grinch, I am not a huge fan of these typical Christmas desktop wallpapers, it s all just a little bit too noisy for me. I do love Christmas,…

The Beauty of Minimalist Design: 5 Reasons to Include Less

Minimalism. The term is pretty divisive. Some think it’s a bunch of self-serving nonsense – a fancy label for a convoluted lifestyle design. Others swear by the principle, drastically improving their life and surroundings. Regardless of what you think of it, the fact is that there are benefits to be found within minimalism that can simplify and improve your designs….