7 Inspiring Free Graphic Design Magazines (PDF)

on Design Inspiration

In this post we have seven online Vector Graphic Design Magazines you have to read.

1. Vectorika Magazine

Vector Magazine

URL: vektorjunkie.com/mag.html.

Current Issue: Issue #10.
Inside: One of the few that is purely dedicated for Vector Artists. It covers everything (interviews, galleries and showcases…). Even if you are not a graphic designer you should have a look. After the first read you will go back and download all the back issues. Highly recommended.
Language: English.

2. Grafikal Magazine

Vector Magazine

URL: grafikal.org/.

Current Issue: Issue #2 (26.39 mb).
Inside: This magazine is dedicated to the serious Graphic Designer. They say: “Grafikal is a magazine dedicated to promote the work of visual artists in order to inspire/influence its readership worldwide.”. It is published quarterly.
Language: English.

3. Moloko+ Magazine

Vector Magazine

URL: molokoplus-mag.com.

Current Issue: Issue #6 (31 mb).
Inside: Moloko+ is not just about vector and graphic design, it also has features on photography and music. A nice rounded publication.
Language: English.

4. VVM Magazine – Vexel & Vector Speciality Magazine

Vector Magazine

URL: lil-online.nl/pages/magazine.html.

Current Issue: Issue #2 (1.7 mb).
Inside: VVM Magazine contains everything about vexels and vectors. It features artists, tips and interviews. For some reason there are only 2 issues, the last is from Sept 2007. If anyone knows why could they tell me. Great mag.
Language: English.

5. Bajigur Magazine

Vector Magazine

URL: bajigurkreatif.blogspot.com/.

Current Issue: Issue #5 (20.1 mb).
Inside: I am ashamed to say this but I don’t know what language this mag is in, I could guess but I would hate to get it wrong (any help?). Great galleries inside, well worth a look.
Language: ?????.

6. Be Different Magazine

Vector Magazine

URL: bedifferent.it/.

Current Issue: Issue #2 (9.8 mb).
Inside: An excellent magazine covering many aspects of graphic design. Unfortunately, it is all in Italian (luckily, one of the languages that I speak), still worth downloading for the galleries.
Language: Italian.

7. Love Pics Magazine

Vector Magazine

URL: lovepics.it/index.htm.

Current Issue: Issue #2 (36.9 mb).
Inside: This magazine has an excellent section on Vector and illustration as wll as covering photography and music. Just shy of 200 pages, make sure you have some spare time before you read this mag.
Language: Italian and English.