100+ Best Free Fonts for Designers in 2023


Finding the perfect font for a particular project might seem like a small detail, but it’s anything but inconsequential. The font you choose for a project can make or break your design. It’s the difference between a message that speaks to your audience and one that falls flat. Fonts have the power to evoke emotions, convey moods, and even tell a story.

They convey professionalism, playfulness, elegance, or a myriad of other qualities. In essence, fonts are the silent narrators of your design, conveying meaning beyond the words themselves. They are the unsung typographical heroes of the design world, quietly shaping the visual identity of everything from websites to advertisements, logos to books.

In this collection, we’ve scoured the web to bring you a curated selection of the 100 best free fonts for creatives. You can expect to find fonts suitable for a wide range of design projects, whether crafting a minimalist website, designing eye-catching posters, or working on a sleek corporate presentation.

From timeless classics to contemporary gems, these free fonts offer versatility and creativity, giving you the resources to elevate your designs, please your clients, and delight your target audience.

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The Best Font for Your Project

When choosing fonts, factors like readability, versatility, uniqueness, and contextual fit come into play. Readability ensures that your chosen font communicates the message effortlessly.

Versatility empowers the font to adapt across different mediums and sizes. Uniqueness adds a distinctive touch, setting the design apart. Most importantly, fonts must align with the project’s essence, be it a corporate logo, a website, or a poster.

Designers tend to use a variety of fonts depending on the project’s purpose and style. Here are the most common types of fonts that designers like to use:

  • Sans-serif fonts are clean, modern, and easy to read. They’re commonly used for digital designs, including websites and mobile apps.
  • Serif fonts have small lines or flourishes at the ends of their letters, giving them a more traditional or classic look. They’re often used for print designs, including books, magazines, and newspapers.
  • Slab serif fonts have thick, block-like serifs at the ends of their letters, giving them a bold appearance. They’re used for display purposes like headlines, titles, and logos.
  • Geometric fonts feature clean, simple shapes based on geometric forms, and are commonly used for modern, minimalist designs.
  • Monospace fonts have equal spacing between characters, making them ideal for coding, programming, and technical designs.

Ultimately, the choice of font depends on the project’s purpose and the designer’s creative vision. By choosing the right font, designers can create designs that are aesthetically pleasing, easy to read, engaging, and ideally suited for their intended audience.

This collection features font families that have been designed to give your designs a professional and highly legible look, whether in digital or print formats. Our selection also features fonts that prioritize functionality over ornamentation, as we have already covered ornate styles in previous collections. These are the best free fonts for download!

Free Sans Serif Fonts

The difference between a Serif and Sans Serif font is that Sans Serifs do not have those small decorative lines that characterize Serifs.

With their modern, cleaner, and simpler appearance, Sans Serif fonts are typically more accessible on the web as they’re much easier to read on screens, regardless of their font or device size. Understandably, Sans Serifs are the most commonly used Google Fonts.

Fivo Sans Modern Display Font Family (Free)

Fivo is a contemporary sans display font family that subtly elevates your designs. It comes in various weights, from bold to extra black, quietly enhances your typography.

Fivo Sans Modern Display Font Family Free Font Creatives Designers

Rosity Modern Sans-Serif Typeface

Rosity is a sans-serif typeface that blends clean and crisp lines with a dash of sophistication. Tailored for contemporary design, it gives your typography an unspoken elegance, ensuring every word read has a subtle, modern charm.

Rosity Modern Sans-Serif Typeface Font Creatives Designers

Confine Sans-Serif Typeface

Confine is a bold sans-serif font with robust and striking characters. Step outside the ordinary and embrace the strength of Confine in your next brand design project.

Confine Sans-Serif Typeface Font Creatives Designers

Fat Sans-Serif Font (Free)

Fat lives up to its name with a heavyweight presence in every stroke, offering a free sans-serif font that commands attention. Available in both regular and slanted versions, it proudly anchors any design, making it perfect for poster and brand design.

Fat Sans-Serif Font Free Creatives Designers

Rostack Bold Heading Font

Rostack is a bold and condensed font with solid strokes and compact letterforms. Its compelling nature makes it perfect for headlines and titles, or any design that needs a bold, consolidated style.

Rostack Bold Heading Font Creatives Designers

Quirx Modern Display Font (Free)

Quirx is a charmingly quirky, bold display font that injects modern design into any project. This free font leans into a spirited and contemporary aesthetic, making it an impeccable choice for projects that need to blend boldness with a whimsical uniqueness.

Quirx Modern Display Font Font Creatives Designers

Camaro Modern Sans-Serif Font

Camaro is a modern, sans-serif font inspired by the distinct style of the Camaro car logo. It effortlessly propels any design project into elegance and sophistication by blending minimalism with a contemporary aesthetic.

Camaro Modern Sans-Serif Font Creatives Designers

Bourbon Grotesque Font (Free)

Bourbon Grotesque melds a retro feel with a touch of modernity. As a free, all-caps font, its distinctive vintage charm is perfect for branding and logo design, embodying a timeless aesthetic that captivates and endures.

Bourbon Grotesque Font Free Font Creatives Designers

Tirayuna Bold Retro Serif Font

Tirayuna is a bold blend of retro flair and playful elegance. As a stylish serif font, it exudes decorative charm, making it perfect for those seeking a touch of vintage with a contemporary spin. It is an impeccable choice for those who dare to stand out.

Tirayuna Bold Retro Serif Fonts Creatives Designers

Airone Extra-Bold Sans-Serif Font (Free)

Airone brings an undeniable punch to any design, offering a free, extra-bold sans-serif font that commands attention. Particularly perfect for titles and headlines, it underscores a strong, impactful presence, ensuring your text is not only readable but also memorably heavy-hitting.

Airone Extra-Bold Sans-Serif Font Free Font Creatives Designers

IBM Plex (Free)

IBM champions innovation and cosmopolitanism, so it’s not surprising to see their official font – IBM Plex – embodying the same values. This corporate serif typeface family has extensive multilingual support (including Arabic, Hebrew, and more). It works perfectly for tech projects – IBM Plex signals engineering perfection.

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives IBM Plex

Faune Font Family (Free)

Designed for the French Centre National des Arts Plastiques, Faune is a wonderful typeface family that offers both sans-serif (Faune Text) and script (Faune Display) fonts. Both are incredibly vibrant and versatile, so they’re well-suited to various projects. Every Faune font sub-family offers three variants.

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Faune

Fira Sans Serif (Free)

Fira is what everyone has in mind when you mention an IT font. Fira embodies Mozilla Firefox’s characteristic open-source culture. You’ll get three weights with matching italics, as well as extensive multilingual support with special characters and a monospaced variant. Fira is perfect for web display.

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Fira Sans Serif

Alegreya Sans HT (Free)

Alegreya Sans HT incorporates humanist typography with modern readability requirements to provide a versatile sans-serif typeface family. You’ll get 28 fonts in the bundle, including extra bold and extra bold SC italic. There’s no doubt about it: it’s the whole package (with multilingual support)!

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Alegreya Sans HT

Peace Sans (Free)

Peace Sans is a font with a pacifist story to tell. Its curves make it incredibly friendly, and its legibility ensures that it works perfectly for small and large displays alike. It speaks different languages, too. You’ll get full glyph support for different alphabets and various special characters.

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Peace Sans

Mohave Sans Serif (Free)

Originally designed as an all-caps sans-serif typeface, Mohave has now transformed into a versatile font family. It currently offers four weights (light, regular, medium, and bold) with matching italics. The neutral character body shapes make the Mohave typeface perfect for a variety of branding materials, as well as web displays.

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Mohave Sans Serif

Neris Display (Free)

A beautiful sans-serif with special effects, Neris shines when used for display and shorter paragraphs. Neris avoids the typical sans-serif boredom and adds slanted lines, special curvature, and other elements that make it so engaging. It supports multiple languages and alphabets, and comes with special characters for languages like Bulgarian.

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Neris Display

Dense Sans Serif (Free)

If you want to make your designs more legible, conDense them. Dense is a sans-serif typeface that does its job well. It comes in three weights (thin, regular, and bold). The bolder variant looks great on large displays, while thin and regular work perfectly for web copy. Multilingual support is included!

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Dense Sans Serif

Canter Sans Serif (Free)

Elegant (with a dramatic twist), Canter is a phenomenal sans-serif typeface choice for your next project. Bold lines and sharp turns work together to provide you with an outstanding font family. Canter offers six display types (including Canter 3D, shadow, and outline), perfect for headlines, posters, and other branding materials.

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Canter Sans Serif

Sabado Sans Serif (Free)

Modern and bold, Sabado is a sans-serif font family that will make your next display design look phenomenal. You’ll get two modern styles: Sabado regular and Sabado italic. You can’t go wrong with sans-serif, but give your standard style extra flair with Sabado!

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Sabado Sans Serif

Rhyder Sans Serif (Free)

Geometry is perfection, and Rhyder takes its cues from the beauty of nature. This geometrical sans-serif font is perfect for both display and text, and it offers plenty of powerful elements to work with. Every character is meticulously detailed, and you’ll get accents, numerals, and punctuation, as well.

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Rhyder Sans Serif

Langdon Sans Serif (Free)

Solid, serious, and stable. Langdon embodies all the right values, but it doesn’t forget to capture attention. It plays well with outlines and shadows for an extra dramatic effect when designing headlines and posters. In addition to regular characters, you’ll also get numerals, punctuation, and more.

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Langdon Sans Serif

Myra Sans Serif (Free)

Who says practical can’t be beautiful? Myra proves that sans-serifs can be just as striking as scripts. It plays with thin lines and rounded corners, the exaggerated swash being the cherry on top, to create a unique atmosphere. It’s perfect for web, print, apparel, and more!

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Myra Sans Serif

Adam Pro Sans Serif (Free)

Adam Pro is a sharp, clean sans-serif typeface inspired by the Futura font family. It comes with 228 character glyphs that will look beautiful on posters and other display formats. It’s an all-caps typeface with numerals and different weights. Adam Pro also offers certain special characters and accents.

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Adam Pro Sans Serif

Aileron Sans Serif (Free)

Futurism and humanism come together to form Aileron, a beautifully balanced sans-serif typeface inspired by the Neo-Grotesque design movement. Aileron has specific curvature that makes it look soft. With 16 different weight combinations with matching italics and bold variants, Aileron is an excellent asset for modern display and print designs.

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Aileron Sans Serif

Pier Sans (Free)

Clean and structured, Pier is the perfect sans-serif typeface for modern brands. This geometric font comes with beautifully designed uppercase and lowercase characters, punctuation, and multilingual support through special characters and numerals. You can experiment with six different weights (with matching italics variants) to create something truly beautiful.

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Pier Sans

Big John & Slim Joe Sans Serif (Free)

Different yet similar, Big John and Slim Joe are two sides of the same coin. Big John is a bold and beautiful version, while Slim Joe is thin and modern. Both fonts in the duo are all-caps sans serifs, and they play off of each other beautifully to emphasize contrasts.

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Big John Slim Joe Sans Serif

Moon Rounded Sans (Free)

Aim for the moon – even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. The modern version is its namesake – this rounded sans-serif typeface. Moon has three distinct weights, uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals, and special characters for different languages. It’s an excellent choice!

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Moon Rounded Sans

Linotte Rounded Sans Serif (Free)

If you want to add more personality to your next web or graphic design projects, take a look at Linotte. This sweet, semi-bold sans-serif typeface is perfect for adding a dash of fun to your standard materials. In both cases, numerals, punctuation, and special characters for European languages, Linotte is an excellent choice.

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Linotte Rounded Sans Serif

Source Sans Pro (Free)

Source Sans Pro is Adobe’s first open-source typeface, and it’s perfect for user interface (UI) design. Inspired by the best sans-serif typefaces used today, Source doubles down on what works and offers extensive support for different languages and special characters. You’ll get 12 weights, too!

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Source Sans Pro

FV Almelo Sans Serif (Free)

Nothing is friendlier than round fonts, and FV Almelo is the generation’s valedictorian. It’s an all-caps sans-serif with alternates, glyphs, punctuation, special characters, and more. It works great when displayed on posters and other large formats, and it’s a fun addition to campaigns.

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives FV Almelo Sans Serif

Maven Modern (Free)

Thin and elegant, Maven Modern is the perfect font collection for the 21st century. This particular set expands on the original Maven collection with three light fonts, including an ultra-thin hairline font. It’s an excellent choice for web display and text, as well as headlines and label design.

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Maven Modern

Intro Sans Serif (Free)

Intro is a sans-serif type collection that consists of 72 fonts. You can download four for free. This sans serif is incredibly playful yet modern and refined. It offers multilingual support and characters for Extended Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. It’s perfect for text and UI designs!

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Intro Sans Serif

Ostrich Sans (Free)

If you’re looking for a sans-serif that’s not like any other, take a look at Ostrich. This sans-serif font comes with a fantastic inline presentation, as well as special characters for different languages. You’ll also have your pick of weights, from dashed to heavy.

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Ostrich Sans

Cabin Sans Serif (Free)

There’s nothing like a humanist sans to reinforce your brand’s values. And when it comes to sans, Cabin is an excellent choice. This font offers an incredible weight range, as well as two options: roman and italic. Every rounded element is perfectly adjusted and adds personality.

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Cabin Sans Serif

HK Grotesk Sans Serif (Free)

A sans-serif typeface inspired by traditional Grotesque typography, HK Grotesk is an excellent choice for bold messaging. Its rounded characters radiate friendliness, and it works perfectly for both text and display. In addition to uppercase and lowercase letters, you’ll also get numerals, punctuation, and plenty of special characters.

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives HK Grotesk Sans Serif

Qanelas Soft (Free)

Qanelas Soft creates such a soft atmosphere because of its rounded design. This sans-serif typeface offers 20 diverse weights, every single one of them friendly. It’s perfect for UI design, body copy, and other purposes. Qanelas may be versatile, but it has a striking personality.

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Qanelas Soft

Moderne Sans (Free)

Moderne plays with curvature and sharp lines to create a clean, albeit dynamic, typeface for your next project. Originally inspired by the Roaring 20’s era typography, Moderne adapted to modern trends and works for modern formats, posters, and other materials. It even comes with a few alternate characters!

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Moderne Sans

Blogger Sans (Free)

Designed for legibility and headlines, Blogger expanded to form a well-rounded sans-serif typeface with plenty of options. You’ll get four weights with matching italics, as well as alternates and stylistic sets for different alphabets (e.g., Cyrillic). With over 550 glyphs, you can’t go wrong with Blogger!

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Blogger Sans

Katahdin Round (Free)

Make a statement with Katahdin. It is a rounded, extremely modern sans-serif typeface that works perfectly in print and the web. Round corners make Katahdin friendly, and with multilingual support, it’s the whole package. If you are looking for a go-to font, you’ve found it!

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Katahdin Round

Sans Serif (Free)

Created for the Rubik’s Cube Exhibition in Jersey City, Rubik was expanded to include multilingual support (including Cyrillic and Hebrew characters). Today, it’s a free, well-rounded sans-serif font that can be used across projects. You’ll get five distinct weights with matching italics for personalization.

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Rubik Sans Serif

Cast Iron Sans Serif (Free)

Cast Iron brings old-school movie headlines back to life. This free font for designers is perfect if you want to engage your audience or create truly unique materials. Cut-off corners create a dynamic atmosphere your clients will love seeing on their logos, labels, apparel, and other materials!

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Cast Iron Sans Serif

Relancer Display Typeface (Free)

If you’re nostalgic for the art deco era, you’re going to love the Relancer Display typeface. Relancer is an all-caps, sans-serif font with numerals (and limited punctuation options) included. Perfect geometry and pristine presentation come together to help you create elegant designs. Try it for free!

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Relancer Display Typeface

Overpass Sans Serif (Free)

Perfectly legible and made with UI design in mind, Overpass is an open-source font with plenty of options to make your next project look (and feel) amazing. You’ll get eight weights with italics, and a monospace option for a retro feel. Your audience is going to love it!

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Overpass Sans Serif

Coves Sans Serif (Free)

Funky and fresh, Coves sans-serif comes with a full character range, from uppercase and lowercase to special characters and accents. Its simple, rounded edges interact with slanted lines to create a vibrant atmosphere beloved by modern and trendy brands. Coves sans-serif is free, so add it to your toolkit ASAP!

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Coves Sans Serif

Raleway Sans Serif (Free)

Originally designed as a thin font, Raleway has become a standard go-to font and expanded into a sans-serif font family. It currently offers nine weights with italics and a variable version. Stylistic alternates and discretionary ligatures make Raleway an incredibly elegant choice for the web.

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Raleway Sans Serif

Free Serif Fonts

Serif fonts are defined by the small lines (or decorative features) that trail from the edges of each letter and number. As serif fonts are considered easier to read, they’re typically used in print design as the characters are clearer and more distinctive, making it much easier for our brains to process.

Like Slab Serifs (see further down), there are always exceptions to the rule. Most Serifs will work perfectly well as a title or headline on the web, and some, as you will see by the selection of erif fonts below, will even work beautifully as body text, but please do choose your web typography carefully.

Arkibal Serif

Inspired by vintage typography and contemporary design trends, Arkibal Serif is a bold typeface that’s perfect for various displays. You can customize Arkibal to fit your needs, as it comes with six weights, web font, and stylistic variations. It’s an excellent choice for emphasizing your message.

Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Arkibal Serif

Calendas Plus Serif Font Family (Free)

Calendas Plus is a new take on the well-known Calendas font family. Elegant and intricate, Calendas Plus offers three distinct styles. Experiment with alternate fonts and ligatures to create an unmistakably imaginative atmosphere in your designs. You will get uppercase and lowercase characters, as well as numerals, punctuation, and more.

Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Calendas Plus Serif Font Family

Rumble Brave Vintage Fonts

Find out what Victorian typography would look like this year with Rumble Brave. This collection of engaging vintage fonts comes in three types (serif, script, and dingbat). All of the glyphs are unique, making them perfect for posters, logos, and other branding materials. Rumble Brave also offers intricate stylistic alternates.

Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Rumble Brave Vintage Fonts

YoungSerif Medium Serif Typeface (Free)

YoungSerif is a new approach to serif typography from a studio that frequently designs modern fonts for web display. A heavy-weight, vintage-inspired serif typeface, YoungSerif is perfect for headlines and posters. It’s perfectly legible at the same time, so it can be used for smaller type displays, too.

Serif Free Font Designers Creatives YoungSerif Medium Serif Typeface

Burnts Maker

Now there’s a font that sounds just like rock ‘n’ roll. Burnts Maker is a handwritten script typeface inspired by music culture and graffiti art. It’s perfect for standout designs for album covers, events, and posters. It comes with two styles and stylistic alternates.

Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Burnts Maker

Merriweather Serif (Free)

If you don’t want to compromise between elegance and readability, check out Merriweather Serif. This font family was designed for web display and offers plenty of options through 8 pristine weights: light, light italic, regular, italic, bold, bold italic, ultra-bold, and ultra-bold italic. Multilingual support is also included!

Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Merriweather Serif

Himalaya Set Type

Himalaya Set Type is a beautiful font duo (script and sans-serif) for your next project, perfect for adventurers and dreamers alike. The hand-drawn characters have a rough edge, perfect for posters, stationery, product design, and more. You can make it your own by using stylistic alternates and glyphs.

Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Himalaya Set Type

Calluna Serif Typeface (Free)

A perfect workhorse, versatile typeface, Calluna has plenty of features that make it a worthy addition to your standard graphic design kit. This serif typeface comes in 8 styles: 5 weights and three italics.

Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Calluna

Bignord Font

Go Big(Nord) or go home. Create a standout atmosphere with Bignord, a serif font with ornate details. This vintage typeface offers five stylistic alternates for certain letters, so you can pick the version that suits your project best. You’ll get extra graphic elements, too, including frames and ornaments.

Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Bignord

Bree Serif (Free)

Add a dash of personality to your designs (without sacrificing quality and readability). How? With Bree Serif. Bree Serif perfectly mimics the handwriting flow, retaining legibility and everything that makes serif typefaces perfect for the web. This serif family comes with stylistic alternates for additional customization, as well.

Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Bree Serif

Afta Serif Font (Free)

Perfect for body copy while retaining the traditional serif elegance, Afta Serif is an excellent addition to your graphic design toolkit. It comes in two weights: regular and italic, with uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals, and punctuation for the standard English alphabet. Afta is thin, refined, and an excellent choice.

Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Afta Serif Font

Badhead Typeface (Free)

There’s nothing bad about this urban, decorative typeface. Badhead offers over 200 glyphs and alternate characters that were painstakingly designed to provide you with a typeface for creating standout designs. You can mix and match glyphs to create the perfect logo, poster, headline, print, or other branding material.

Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Badhead Typeface

Sant’Elia Font Family (Free)

If you’re looking for the whole font package for engaging and visually dynamic projects, you’ve found it. Sant’Elia is a font family that offers 44 vibrant script typefaces, with plenty of stylistic alternates, swash, ligatures, and old-style numerals. The free version provides five beautiful fonts.

Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Sant'Elia Font Family

Exodus Free Typeface (Free)

Elegance, with a twist. Exodus is a serif typeface that offers luxurious and simplistic characters. But if you’re looking for something more unique, you can pick alternate display characters that play with bold lines and empty space for a futuristic feel. From logos to posters, Exodus works perfectly!

Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Exodus Free Typeface

Butler Typeface (Free)

As helpful as a butler, the Butler typeface has the versatility you need in your toolkit. Inspired by the Bodoni font family, Butler is a serif font with 14 weights, various ligatures, text figures, and more. It’ll work perfectly on big displays, as well as body copy.

Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Butler Typeface

Tryst Regular Typeface (Free)

Tryst is the perfect workhorse serif font for practical and knowledgeable brands. You can use it across projects – including web display and body copy. You’ll get uppercase and lowercase characters, as well as numerals and punctuation. Tryst also offers a variety of special characters for different languages.

Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Tryst Regular Typeface

Born Serif Typeface (Free)

Born was born in Barcelona, and it believes in the principles of humanist typography. It’s highly legible, even when applied to web body copy, and you’ll love the sophisticated approach to serif typography.

Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Born Serif Typeface

Fénix Regular Typeface (Free)

Elegant and legible, Fenix is the perfect serif typeface for modern brands. It works beautifully as a web font, and you can use it for large displays, as well, thanks to its understated elegance. Fenix offers multilingual support with plenty of special characters and comes with stylish numerals and punctuation.

Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Fénix Regular Typeface

Knubi Regular Serif (Free)

Showcase your friendliness with Knubi, a serif typeface with beautifully rounded swashes. Knubi comes with close to 400 glyphs that support 80 languages with special characters. It’s perfectly readable but offers a touch of fun, so it’ll work great for branding, as well as standard copy.

Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Knubi Regular Serif

Abraham Lincoln Serif (Free)

Inspired by the actual president’s height, stature, and honesty, Abraham Lincoln Serif is a typeface that embodies all of those qualities. It’s condensed, which makes it much easier to read, but you can use it for large displays like posters for the dramatic effect, too.

Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Abraham Lincoln Serif

Vollkorn Serif (Free)

Create a wholesome feeling with Vollkorn Serif. This typeface family comes with 12 grainy styles (from regular to semi-bold and extra bold with matching italics), support for the Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic alphabets and special characters, alternates, ligatures, and more. It’s truly the whole package for your kit!

Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Vollkorn Serif

Free Slab Serif Fonts

There are many different sub-categories to serifs. Slab just happens to be the most popular variant. Evolving from the Modern style and at times called square serifs or Egyptian, they’re defined by having a bolder serif and are primarily designed to be used as print headlines and are typically paired with a thinner and lighter font.

But many Slab Serifs will work perfectly well – as you will see by the free font selection below – in a smaller font size and could be easily used as body text.

Corduroy Slab Regular (Free)

Inspired by vintage typography that invites you to roll up your sleeves and get to work, Corduroy Slab has no problem asserting itself. This sturdy slab-serif display font is perfect for brands that want to become leaders, and designing with Corduroy Slab is an incredible experience for every graphic designer.

Slab Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Corduroy Slab Regular

Munky Font

Be as funky as Munky. This slab serif is perfect for fun campaigns. As the creator says: Munky is like Jeff Bridges – effortlessly charming. It offers both uppercase and lowercase letters and works like a charm as a display type, but you can also use it for shorter copy.

Slab Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Munky Font

Carton Slab Serif (Free)

Strong and sensitive – it’s time for you to meet Carton Slab, a beautiful serif typeface that creates a wonderful atmosphere. It’s the perfect choice for display designs with its all-caps characters. Inspired by letterpress typography, Carton will help you seamlessly combine traditional and contemporary trends.

Slab Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Carton Slab Serif

Lunchbox Slab Regular

Make your message resonate with Lunchbox Slab Regular, a hand-drawn script typeface. It offers three weights: light, regular, and bold. Not only will Lunchbox make your next project more dynamic, but it will also improve your presentation with over 1,500 total characters and numerous graphic elements like flourishes and frames.

Slab Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Lunchbox Slab Regular

Weston Rounded Slab Serif (Free)

Weston is anything but typical. This all-caps slab-serif typeface offers curvature that radiates a friendly feel while evoking futurism. You’ll get two versions: light and regular, as well as numerals and punctuation.

Slab Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Weston Rounded Slab Serif

Regular & Stylish LUNA Fonts

Modern and stylish, LUNA is a serif typeface that both emulates vintage typography and adds a modern twist to the final presentation. You’ll get two unique versions of Luna: regular and stylish. Both versions contain uppercase and lowercase characters so you can create the design of your dreams.

Slab Serif Free Font Designers Creatives LUNA

Vollkorn Serif (Free)

Create a wholesome feeling with Vollkorn Serif. This typeface family comes with 12 grainy styles (from regular to semi-bold and extra bold with matching italics), support for the Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic alphabets and special characters, alternates, ligatures, and more. It’s truly the whole package for your kit!

Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Vollkorn Serif

Zenzero Grotesk Typeface

Showcase your brand personality with Zenzero Grotesk. This typeface pulls inspiration from various typography styles to create a uniquely eccentric result. You will get two font styles (regular and round), as well as numerous ligatures and stylistic alternates, so you can mix and match until Zenzero fits your brand perfectly.

Slab Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Zenzero Grotesk Typeface

Chunk Slab Serif (Free)

Chunk may be chunky, but it sure looks good. Chunk is a free slab-serif typeface inspired by American Western woodcuts, which gives it a uniquely refined grainy look. You can use the regular version or use the version with texture for standout display designs. Download Chunk for your next project!

Slab Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Chunk Slab Serif

Klinic Slab Serif (Free)

If you need a workhorse font but don’t want to sacrifice personality, you’ll love Klinic Slab. This font family offers four weights (and matching italics) that will give you the readability you need while also adding a little flair. It offers multilingual support, numerals, and more!

Slab Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Klinic Slab Serif

Aleo Slab Serif (Free)

Aleo Slab Serif is the perfect modern font family that will work for display designs as well as smaller formats. Ligatures improve the reading flow, and no matter which language you speak, Aleo will support you. You will get six styles (three weights and matching italics), numerals, and both cases.

Slab Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Aleo Slab Serif

Slab (Free)

A simple slab serif, Twentywelve is the perfect workhorse typeface that you can use across your project portfolio. You’ll get three versions (bold, light, and regular), uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals, punctuation, and special characters. Twentywelve shines on the web, but it’s a mean display typeface, too!

Slab Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Twentytwelve Slab

Lumberjack Free Font (Free)

Sturdy and textured, Lumberjack evokes the hardworking aesthetic of an actual lumberjack. You might not take it to the woods, but you sure can take it to your display designs. With 385 glyphs, four versions (regular, rough, inline, shadow), and multiple language support, Lumberjack is the perfect (and free) choice!

Slab Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Lumberjack Free Font

Ansley Display (Free)

If you want a friendlier approach to vintage typography and slab-serif typefaces, you will love Ansley. This display typeface comes with six weights (from thin to inline) that will look perfect on different projects. If you want to radiate friendliness while rooting your brand in confidence, download Ansley.

Slab Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Ansley Display

Korneuburg Slab (Free)

Inspired by Austrian neoclassical architecture and the original Korneuburg Display typeface, Korneuburg Slab is an excellent (and highly legible) choice. You’ll get three weights (light, regular, and bold + matching italics), as well as uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals, and punctuation, with hundreds of glyphs and kerning pairs.

Slab Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Korneuburg Slab

Baron Sans Serif (Free)

Who said sans-serifs couldn’t look powerful? Baron is here to help you rule the empire of graphic design. This all-caps display typeface offers different weights and alternates, so it’s easy to tailor it to your unique needs.

Slab Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Baron Sans Serif

Free Geometric Fonts

Exo Geometric (Free)

Elegant yet futuristic, Exo is a free geometric sans-serif typeface that’s going to work for display just as well as it works for the web and smaller formats. Exo comes with nine different weights (with matching italics) and offers intricately designed characters that convey an authentic futuristic atmosphere.

Slab Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Exo Geometric

Subjectivity Display Font (Free)

Subjectivity is a free display font that’s uniquely experimental. Drawing inspiration from geometric shapes, this typeface is not just about characters; it’s a foray into art and abstraction. The small tails in the letters A, J, Y, and T add a hand-drawn touch to the font.

Subjectivity Display Font Free Creatives Designers

Barracuda Sans-Serif Typeface (Free)

Barracuda is a distinctive free sans-serif typeface that features geometric flair intertwined with unusual character widths. This fresh take on type design allows for both uniqueness and balance in layout.

Barracuda Sans-Serif Typeface Free Font Creatives Designers

Nexa Sans Serif (Free)

Nexa is a geometric sans-serif typeface family that offers plenty of options to make your next design stand out. Even though it’s bold, it’s perfectly legible, so it’s a good fit for the web, too. You’ll get nine weights and 36 fonts.

Sans Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Nexa Sans Serif

Choplin Slab Serif (Free)

Modern, geometric, and sturdy, Choplin is a display typeface you can rely on. It was inspired by the Campton sans-serif font family, so it keeps the legibility principles of sans-serif while offering something new. You’ll get two fonts in the free version: Choplin Medium and Choplin Extra Light.

Slab Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Choplin Slab Serif

The Metropolis Typeface (Free)

Metropolis is the workhorse sans-serif typeface family you need. Geometric, modern, and legible, Metropolis takes important cues from minimalism to help your designs shine. It offers nine weights (with matching italics for each), uppercase and lowercase characters, special characters with accents, numerals, and punctuation. It’s the whole package!

Slab Serif Free Font Designers Creatives The Metropolis Typeface

Norwester Sans Serif (Free)

Condensed, bold, and beautiful, Norwester is a sans-serif typeface your graphic design toolbox needs. It is geometric and takes cues from traditional sans-serif design while adding bold presentations that make it truly unique (and perfect for displays and posters). It is an all-caps typeface with alternates, numerals, and punctuation.

Slab Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Norwester Sans Serif

Kelson Sans Serif (Free)

This sans font family is simple and effective. The Kelson family offers nine free fonts (from Sans Bold to Russian light and everything in between) with numerals, punctuation, and multilingual support so that you can truly use them across various projects. It’s perfect for readable web copy and headlines!

Slab Serif Free Font Designers Creatives Kelson Sans Serif

Free Monospaced Fonts

Inspired by typewriter-style fonts, Monospaced fonts use a single set width for all letters, numbers, and glyphs, making them highly legible and thus perfect for writing code.

As well as the selection of free monospaced fonts below, we have also published a specialized collection of free monospaced programming and coding fonts you may also like to explore.

Alma Round Mono Font

Alma is a unique monospace font characterized by its round shapes and friendly feel. This font bridges the gap between functionality and approachability, making it an excellent choice for projects seeking a warm, welcoming tone while retaining a professional monospace structure. Perfect for a relaxed yet organized design aesthetic.

Alma Round Mono Font Font Creatives Designers

Monoid (Free)

Monoid was initially designed for coding, but it’s turned into an interesting sans-serif font you can use in your designs. It offers sharpness even on low-resolution displays, numerous alternate options, and four weights (regular, bold, oblique, and retina) with multilingual support with glyphs for different alphabets.

Monospaced Mono Free Font Designers Creatives Monoid

Monique Mono Font

Monique is a sharp mono font infused with precision and professionalism. Crafted on a meticulous grid foundation, this modular typeface blends classic structure and modern influences. It is ideal for those seeking a polished yet contemporary typographic touch.

Monique Mono Font Creatives Designers

Monos Regular Monospace Font

Monos offers a sophisticated approach to monospaced typefaces. Meticulously designed to balance modern aesthetics with function, this regular-weight, monospaced font provides a contemporary edge to your typography. Ideal for projects that demand a crisp, clean, and highly-readable typographic presentation, it effortlessly marries the traditional and the innovative.

Monos Regular Monospace Free Font Creatives Designers

FiraCode (Free)

If you’re working with a tech brand, they’re going to love FiraCode. This free monospaced font comes with programming ligatures that you can use to add more dynamism to your materials. It’s an excellent choice for technical design, as well as display and logos.

Monospaced Mono Free Font Designers Creatives FiraCode

Office Code Pro (Free)

Office Code Pro was made to retrofit Source Code Pro for coding environments, but its monospaced sans-serif aesthetic will suit a variety of designs (particularly in the IT sector). It offers multiple weights with matching italics and special characters (e.g., numerators and denominators), stylistic alternates, and multilingual support.

Monospaced Mono Free Font Designers Creatives Office Code Pro

DejaVu Mono (Free)

DejaVu is a font family inspired by Bitstream Vera. It expands on Bitstream Vera’s offering by adding more characters and weights, from DejaVu Mono Bold Oblique to DejaVu Math TeX Gyre. This sans-serif is a great workhorse, but you can also use it to create a hi-tech atmosphere.

Monospaced Mono Free Font Designers Creatives DejaVu Mono

Droid Sans Mono (Free)

Droid Sans Mono is a font family made for Android, which tells you a lot about its open-source aesthetic. It mimics the look of typewriters while retaining a unique feeling. Droid Sans Mono feels like a serif but retains the sans-serif legibility thanks to its sharp corners and bold lines.

Monospaced Mono Free Font Designers Creatives Droid Sans Mono

BP Mono (Free)

BP Mono is perfect for technical texts and programming, but you can use it for different designs to create a futuristic atmosphere. You will get six weights (regular, italic, bold, stencil, round, and round bold). Regular looks great for copy, but the eccentric stencil will make materials like logos shine.

Monospaced Mono Free Font Designers Creatives BP Mono

Anonymous Pro (Free)

Anonymous Pro is a font family that offers four fonts with multilingual support. It’s based on the original 2001 Anonymous typeface and now expands the offer with more glyphs and weights. You’ll also get different keyword symbols to stay true to Anonymous’ IT and programming aesthetic.

Monospaced Mono Free Font Designers Creatives Anonymous Pro

Tips for Choosing Fonts

Choosing the right font is a crucial aspect of design, as it can significantly influence how your message is perceived. Here are some tips to consider when selecting a font:

  1. Consider the Context: The font should align with the project’s purpose and audience. A sophisticated font might suit a formal invitation, while a playful font might suit a children’s event.
  2. Readability Matters: Ensure the font is easily read across different mediums and sizes. Complex or overly decorative fonts might hinder comprehension.
  3. Match the Tone: Fonts have personalities; choose one that matches the tone you want to convey. A serif font can add elegance to a luxury brand, while a sans-serif font might suit a modern tech company.
  4. Hierarchy & Contrast: Use font variations to create hierarchy and contrast in your design. Combine bold and regular styles or different font families to differentiate headings and body text.
  5. Consistency is Key: Maintain consistency by limiting your font choices. Stick to two or three fonts for a cohesive and polished look.
  6. Consider Branding: If the project is tied to a brand, the font should reflect its identity. For instance, a brand aiming for a friendly vibe might choose a rounded font.
  7. Test & Experiment: Try different fonts in your design software to see how they look together. Experiment with different pairings and sizes to find the best combination.
  8. Avoid Trend Chasing: While trendy fonts can be appealing, consider their longevity. Opt for fonts that will remain relevant and timeless.
  9. Cultural Sensitivity: Be aware of how fonts may be perceived in different cultures. What appears friendly in one culture might have a different connotation in another.
  10. Trust Your Instincts: Ultimately, trust your design instincts. If a font feels right and complements your design’s intent, it’s likely a good choice.

By considering the context, readability, tone, and other factors, you can confidently select fonts that elevate your design and effectively communicate your message.

How to Install Fonts in Windows & Mac

Installing Fonts on Windows:

  1. Download the Font: Download the font you want to install. Fonts are typically downloaded as compressed files (ZIP or RAR).
  2. Extract the Font: If the font file is compressed, extract it using built-in Windows tools or a third-party tool like 7-Zip.
  3. Install the Font: Once extracted, right-click on the font file (usually with a .ttf or .otf extension) and select Install. Your new font is now ready to use.

Installing Fonts on Mac:

  1. Download & Extract the Font: If the font is compressed, double-click the file to extract it. Mac’s Archive Utility will handle the extraction.
  2. Install the Font: Double-click the font file. A preview window will appear with an Install Font button. Click the button to install and then you can use your new font.


In the world of design, typography stands as a powerful tool, shaping the visual language that communicates ideas. From conveying emotions to guiding the viewer’s attention, fonts play a pivotal role.

In this collection of free fonts for designers, we’ve delved into a treasury of creative options that can elevate the typography of any project. Remember, these fonts aren’t just letters; they embody mood, tone, and personality.

So, dive into this collection, embrace the art of typography, and let these fonts become your artistic allies in crafting captivating and impactful designs. Embrace the freedom, experiment, and discover the magic of typography’s boundless possibilities.

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