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Freelance Design

Sub-Topics: Freelance Business, Freelance Career, Freelance Clients, Freelance Jobs, Freelance Networking, Freelance Pricing.

Our authors, freelance designers like you, share their extensive knowledge and experiences. You’ll learn how to get consistent work, manage your time, business and clients, and, most importantly, how to get paid better, and on time.


Advice for Beginners That Are Starting Out in Web Design

Whether you are looking for a professional career or to pick up a new hobby, we will help to guide you towards becoming a web designer.


Don’t Let These Bad Habits Destroy Your Freelance Business

Working on your own can be a wonderful experience. The freedom of setting up shop whenever and wherever you like is a big reason why many web designers choose the…


The 20+ Best Banner Mockup Templates for Photoshop for 2021

These photo-realistic banner mockup PSD templates for Photoshop are all easy to use and will help turn your artistic vision into reality.


The Ups and Downs of Being a Self-Taught Web Designer

Not so long ago, web design was a brand-new industry. Because it was so new, there weren’t many opportunities to get a formal education on its fundamentals. Thus, the most…


Growing Your Audience as a Designer

We share the key principles that allow community builders to rise above others in terms of platform building, and how you can learn from the examples they set.


Do All of the Projects in Your Portfolio Look the Same? That’s OK.

Should you worry if all of your design projects look similar? Of course not. It may mean that you’re particularly successful in one specific area of design.


The Creative Benefits of Taking a Vacation

While I feel very fortunate to have the means to take a modest family vacation most summers, I often have mixed feelings about going (a true first-world problem). If things…


Ways Web Designers Give Away Their Time (Without Realizing It)

Many people outside of the industry are surprised to find out that web designers are just like them. We need to eat, have a roof over our heads and a…


Must-Do’s When Ending a Freelance Design Project

There are a number of key things designers should do when ending a freelance project, and today we go over what they are and why you should always do them.


Are Client Meetings a Thing of the Past?

Throughout the last 10-15 years, many things have changed with regards to how we build websites. Broadband and computing power have brought time-saving efficiency, while coding and markup advancements have…


Making the Most of Slow Times at Your Web Design Business

Part of being a web designer means learning how to deal with extreme situations. One day, you could be faced with an insanely-busy, stress-filled work marathon. Clients need your help,…


The Types of Freelance Design Clients You Should Avoid