The Crafters Revolution Font Bundle – Get 40 Gorgeous Fonts for Only $29!

For a limited time,’s offering 40 insanely gorgeous fonts for only $29 in its “Crafters Revolution Font Bundle.”

All fonts in the bundle are available for both personal and commercial use under the terms of FontBundle’s Premium License. You can read the specific terms of the Premium License here.

Each of these handwriting-inspired fonts are particularly suited for crafts-related projects, but many would also be right at home in more artistic settings.

Grab the Crafters Revolution Font Bundle NOW!

Check out some of the beautiful fonts in this ridiculously low-priced bundle below.

1. Aintzane

Aintzane is a script-like hand brushed font. As with all the fonts in this bundle, you can use Aintzane for any purpose, whether personal or commercial, under the terms of FontBundle’s premium license.

2. Alistaren Destiny

Alistaren Destiny is a decorative font with classic, refined lines that would be as right at home on invitations or other formal print work as it would be in web design projects.

3. Anastasia

Anastasia is a modern take on calligraphy. It comes with contextual and stylistic alternates, as do many of the fonts in the Crafters Revolution bundle.

4. Austtria Script

Austtria’s the perfect font for menus and informal invitations.

5. Beauty Atok

Beauty Atok is a clean, elegant take on handwriting fonts from Olex Studio. It comes in several families, including regular, bold and italic, as well as a stylistic set.

6. Black Kost

Black Kost is handmade brush font with a lighter, more feminine sensibility that would be perfect for special features in print or on the web.

7. Black Rose

A dynamic, strong handbrush typeface, Black Rose would also lend itself well to projects with a darker vibe.

8. Boldoa Mat

Boldoa Mat is a handmade typeface with a handmade feel, perfect for DIY and crafts related projects.

9. Calista

A highly readable handwriting typeface with a light, sweeping sensibility, Calista is perfect for informal invitations and other print projects.

10. Cinderella Script

Cinderella is a font fit for a princess – perfect for wedding invitations and announcements.

11. Cute Baby Script

Cute Baby was born for baby announcements and shower invitations.

12. Edeline

Edeline moves font design into pure art. A hand-drawn typeface, Edeline can be used for any type of project, whether personal or commercial, as can all the fonts in this bundle.

13. Gracias

Gracias offers a fresh take on modern calligraphy fonts.

14. Happy Hour

Happy Hour font offers a fun selection of symbols as well as alphanumerics for design projects of all kinds.

15. Hemlok Marker

Hemlok Marker also offers numbers and symbols in a clean, streamlined modern marker font.

16. Imagination

Imagination, a script brush font that’s clean and readable, would be great for web and print projects alike.

17. Last Light

Last Light is a clean, loopy calligraphy typeface with a fun, light-hearted vibe.

18. Laurence Script

A modern calligraphy typeface, Laurence offers elegant style in a highly readable font.

19. Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie is a vintage hand-made typeface that’s bold and young.

20. Lovelia Script

Lovelia is a romantic script font that’s perfect for more informal wedding invitations and similar projects.

21. Master Faith

Master Faith is a modern calligraphy typeface with strong, clean lines.

22. Mofishine

Mofishine, a calligraphy typeface, offers contextual and stylistic alternates and would be perfect in letterhead and other print projects.

23. Past-Neuer

Past-Neuer is a classic font with a purely vintage feel, ideal for any project where you want to evoke a sense of the early 20th century.

24. Patronia Script

Patronia Script is a fun font that evokes that authentic handwriting feel, and would be suitable for many different kinds of projects.

25. Raffiator Script

Lush and romantic without sacrificing readability, Raffiator offers designers everything they need in a modern calligraphy typeface.

26. Ricca

Ricca is a clean modern script font with a stylish air and clean lines.

27. Rustal Typo

If you’re looking for a handmade typeface that evokes an old-time sense of rustic old world charm, Rustal will fit the bill nicely.

28. Samitha

Samitha is a fresh calligraphy font with a modern, big-city feel.

29. Samuella

Perfect for seasonal cards, letterhead, and invitations of all kinds, Samuella combines decorative touches with bold lines for a modern yet classic style.

30. Sheilova

Sheilova is an assertive handwriting font that still maintains graceful lines. It would be great for invitations, letterhead, and business cards.

31. Sidolly

Sidolly is a fun, bold brush script that’ll fit right in with any fresh, young theme.

32. Sobbers

Sobbers would be ideal for menus and other high-impact elements on print work.

33. Stay High

Stay High is a high-impact, highly readable font that would work for signs, posters, or just about any print work.

34. Steamfunk

Steamfunk is a wild, bold brush font with a steampunk vibe.

35. Stiquez

Stiquez brings a touch of the Old West to any project.

36. Vemissof Font

Vemissof is a unique and lovely typeface that’ll make elements pop in any project you use it in.

37. Zailla

Zailla is a lovely, loopy calligraphy font with numerous potential uses, including in wedding invitations and letterhead.

38. Zericaa

Zerica is indeed a bold and lovely font, with a light-hearted touch.

PUA Fonts: What That Means for You, the Designer is now selling primarily PUA-encoded fonts in its marketplace. This means you can fully access all the glyphs in each font via character map and other software. Font Bundles offers a number of tutorials on how to do this.

All of the above plus two more fonts – Evelyn and Harlem Script – can be yours for just $29.

This deal won’t last forever. It expires April 15th so hurry and grab yours now!

Grab the Crafters Revolution Font Bundle NOW!