Flywheel: WordPress Hosting for Designers

If you’re a designer or a creative agency that regularly builds and maintains websites for your clients, it’s likely that you’re often in pursuit of reliable and trustworthy web hosting.

Your clients turn to you for web design, but beyond that, sometimes they also want you to take the hassle of web hosting away from them. Furthermore, since WordPress has become the de facto standard when it comes to building websites, it’s a bonus if your web host can help you deal with WordPress-related issues.

Allow me to introduce you to an amazing managed WordPress hosting service that is especially meant for designers and creative agencies– Flywheel.

What is Flywheel?

Flywheel is a managed WordPress hosting solution that is custom-made for designers, developers and creative agencies that build and deploy WordPress websites for their clientele.

Name anything that you would expect to find in a good web host — blazing fast server performance, regular backups, stellar support, competitive pricing — Flywheel has it all. Furthermore, Flywheel comes with added bonuses of its own, such as server-side caching to help improve your WordPress website’s performance, better security measures, managed upgrades, and a lot more.

What Does Flywheel Bring To The Table?

Now before you go “Yeah, right, another WordPress host with a fancy name,” let us first briefly review what Flywheel has to offer that an ordinary web host would not:

A. Blazing Fast Servers

Flywheel offers lightning-fast server performance, simply by virtue of the fact that each website is hosted on its server with its own share of resources — shared resources with meagre limits set for database connections and I/O throttles are things you might find on your generic $5-per-month web hosting, but not with Flywheel.

Obviously, such a setup will ensure that your website works fast — really fast. Add in the fact that Flywheel also employs server-side caching, and your website will load faster than the speed of light (well, not really, but you get the point).

B. Collaboration Is a Breeze

Flywheel takes pride in the fact that it primarily caters to designers and developers building sites for themselves as well as their clients. That means they’ve ensured that collaboration isn’t a headache, no matter how many websites you’re trying to manage.

Each user is given a login to the Flywheel server. By means of the SFTP server, you can easily access all your files neatly organized — be it a single website or a thousand.

But it doesn’t stop here. Say you’re building a website for a client, and you need to demo it to them before actually taking it live. Pretty simple with Flywheel: Just set up a demo site for your client to take a look at it. After they’ve approved it, you can publish the site and transfer its hosting billing to your client. Neat, eh?

C. Awesome Support

No matter how good your web host might be, at some point or the other, you’ll need to contact their support team. This is the experience that sets a good web host apart from a bad one. Every other person can get servers installed in the best datacenter in their country, but when it comes to offering quality support, many web hosts simply fall flat.

Flywheel, being a managed WordPress web host, is run by folks who know what WordPress is and what it can and should do. Security issues, performance problems, guided migrations — no matter what your problem might be, you won’t be let down by Flywheel’s specialist support team.

Plus, just so you know, Flywheel migrates any WordPress site, regardless of the hosting platform it might be on, to its servers free of charge.

D. These Guys Know Their Stuff!

There’s more to Flywheel than just plain web hosting. Not only are they passionate about web hosting in general and WordPress in particular, but they’re also willing to go the extra mile to help their clients.

As designers or developers building websites for clients, you must already be aware of the menaces that can arise; a client might accidentally delete files that should otherwise not be touched, or a website might be hacked due to a poor password. In either case, Flywheel’s support team will be there to help. Be it restoring backups or protecting your website from bad guys, you’re covered on all fronts!

Take, for example, The Layout, a design publication managed and curated by Flywheel. The Layout offers relevant content for web designers and WordPress users alike, and I myself have had the opportunity to write for them.


When it comes to fine-tuned WordPress websites, Flywheel should be on your list of web hosts to check out. Hacker-free security, caching, fast servers, a better SFTP experience, you name it — Flywheel’s got everything a designer can ask for, especially meant for WordPress users.

That said, try Flywheel for yourself and see the difference! You can choose from the multiple plans that they have to offer or check out a custom plan if your needs and requirements so desire.

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