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Free iOS 9 GUI Kits & Templates

on UI Design

As you will no doubt already know, Apple released their ninth iOS version last month. While there weren’t any major UI changes in iOS 9, one of the most talked about was the introduction of the new font San Francisco at the expense of Helvetica Neue. Most would agree that the sharper new font is much more readable and does greatly improve the overall iOS experience.

Just because there have not been any major UI changes doesn’t mean you shouldn’t update your iOS GUI toolkits to the latest version. It’s a chance to familiarize yourself with the latest components, fonts, colors and sizes. So far, though, there hasn’t been that many GUI kits available, but those that we do feature below are all fairly complete, and all free to download.

If you’re planning on using these free UI kits, you will probably need to download the new San Francisco font, you can grab it here. And, Ivo Mynttinen has recently updated his iOS Design Guidelines for iOS 9, it’s a resource well worth bookmarking for reference.

iOS 9 GUI (Photoshop & Sketch) Designed by Facebook

iOS 9 GUI Photoshop Sketch Designed Facebook

Vector iOS9 GUI (Illustrator) Designed by Vasil Enchev

Vector iOS9 GUI Illustrator Designed  Vasil Enchev

iOS 9 GUI (Sketch) Designed by Meng To

iOS 9 GUI Sketch Designed Meng To

iOS 9 iPad GUI (Sketch) Designed by Meng To

ios ipad gui vector free

iOS 9 UI Kit (Photoshop) Designed by Oz Pinhas

iOS 9 UI Kit Photoshop Designed Oz Pinhas

iOS 9 UI Template (Sketch) Designed by Philip Amour

iOS 9 UI Template Sketch Designed Philip Amour

iOS 9 Artboards UI Kit (Photoshop) Designed by Brian Benitez

iOS 9 Artboards UI Kit Photoshop Designed Brian Benitez

If you’re looking for GUI templates or kits for older iOS versions, take a look at this post: Free iOS 7 GUI Kits and Templates.