Free Icon Sets & Themes For Your iPhone

Despite the vibrant beauty and elegance of an out-of-the-box iPhone, there may come a time when you feel you need something different, something a little bit more personalized to your taste, or even something that simply offers some inspiration.

All of the themes and icon-sets that you will find below are free to download. However, the installation process is not a walk in the park, but if you do understand the internal mechanism of the iPhone, themes can offer marvelous customization opportunities. In this roundup, we are showcasing a collection of free to download beautiful themes and icon sets for ryou iPhone.

Are you bored with that shiny look on your iPhone? Why not try these…

Matte iPhone UI v1.1

iCourue for iPhone 4

Silent iPhone 4

Gabbi22 Second Theme in HD

Cloud HD for SBsettings

Radiance Theme for iPhone

Matte Nano Theme for iPhone

MatteFusionGZ iPhone Theme V4

iPhone Theme – Ogea

HD Loading Bar Theme

Gabbi22 First Theme

RedSand ALS Theme

Symbian Anna Theme


Typophone 4

Ocean iPhone

Black Neon Agua

Overdue for iPhone

Submedit For iPhone

iBlue Theme

Radiance 2.0

TRON for the iPhone

iNaise Theme

Black’d Out Theme

Jkyvetica SbSettings Theme

Get blue SBsettings theme

iPhone4 HD

My3G Mod

RAZR HD – Dialer Theme

Page Indicators Collection

A mixture pack comprising six sets of page indicators for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Both Retina and Legacy versions are included.

Suave HD Pack

Boston VIP Icons

iPhone4 Clock HD

Matte Nano Icon Set

iPhone 4 HD



  • these are amazing! too bad I don’t own an iPhone…yet :P

  • Awesome thanks for sharing. Please do another one for the iPad. Thanks!

  • Ultimate collection !

  • CN

    Please help me out here – how to install those?

  • Jameel
    It’s all part of keeping up with the Joneses isn’t it? The first to get an iPhone4, first to get an icon background. Are they actually any use?

  • Nice collection Jameel,

    Sexy stuff.  Shiny things.  Makes me wish I got an iPhone instead of an HTC ;-)

  • Sir/ma’am
    … why is it that my 3gs running on 5.1.1 is not changing the icons as shown on the themes?
    i don’t get it… can someone help on this one…