8 HTML Code Snippets for Creating Responsive Newsletter Templates


Email newsletters are vital to keeping in touch with customers. And they can also serve various purposes, from sharing the latest news to providing helpful reminders. It’s still one of the best ways to reach your audience.

One of the keys to getting conversions (clicks, sales, etc.) is having a clean, easy-to-read newsletter template. But that’s not all. Your newsletters must also be responsive to account for the variety of mobile devices out there.

All told, the goal is to craft emails that are informative and look good on every screen. Thankfully, you don’t have to look far for inspiration. That’s exactly what the simple responsive email newsletter code snippets in today’s collection are for.

These sharply-designed snippets cover a variety of potential use cases. And they’d make a great starting point for your own project. Let’s get started!

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Email Template Practice

This highly-visual email template provides the perfect look for showcasing your products. The mix of photos and short passages of text will help get the point across without overwhelming users. It encourages readers to click for more details.

See the Pen Email Template Practice by Regina Catipon

Simple Abandoned Cart Email Template

Sticking with eCommerce, abandoned cart emails offer an opportunity to casually remind customers about what’s waiting for them. In this attractive snippet, the message is simple and provides actionable information. It also leverages the popular Tailwind CSS framework.

See the Pen Simple Abandoned Cart Email Template by Maizzle

UI Guild / Email Template

Email clients are still quite limited when it comes to compatibility with the latest CSS techniques. But here’s proof that you can still create something unique. The use of color and typography make this template stand out from the ordinary.

See the Pen UI Guild / Email Template by Edmundo Santos

Invoice email template

Some types of email messages should be as simple as possible – invoices are one of them. Some basic branding and a clear call to action are vital. It’s a solid example of a single-purpose message that provides users with exactly what they need to know.

See the Pen Invoice email template by chetan

VOH Facebook Live

Event invitations are a great way to drum up interest in virtual or in-person happenings. This snippet not only looks great but also serves as a guide for content strategy. Recipients will instantly know what the event is, when it takes place, and how to register. That’s how you do it!

See the Pen VOH Facebook Live by Alisa Longoria

HTML Email Template – Blog

Not everyone has time to check out your blog regularly. That’s where an email newsletter can help keep readers up-to-date. What makes this template sparkle is that it allows for effective branding and breaks posts down into bite-sized chunks. It’s easy for a reader to digest in a short period of time.

See the Pen HTML Email Template – Blog by Josh Beard

BMIC Newsletter Template

Here’s another approach to a news-based email. It focuses on a single article while providing additional clickable headlines below. This might be a terrific option for non-profits who want to highlight a fundraising campaign while also listing other relevant news. In addition, the typography in this snippet makes the newsletter very easy to read.

See the Pen BMIC Newsletter Template by Tom Markart

Welcome Email Template

An onboarding email is a great way to welcome new users. Once again, simple is better. This snippet uses white space and clean typography to fill newbies in on the relevant details. Colorful icons also help to make specific items stand out.

See the Pen Welcome Email Template by Jude Francis

Email Templates for Every Need

In many ways, email template design lags in terms of available features. While that may be disappointing, it’s also an opportunity. Because email clients aren’t as savvy as modern web browsers, it forces designers to strip all the bells and whistles away.

This allows us to focus more on simplicity. It’s about promoting the message within rather than wowing readers with fancy extras. That’s something each of the snippets above does quite well.

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