Simple and Minimalistic Scandinavian Web Design

Scandinavian design in general is known for being simple and minimalistic, from IKEA furniture, to Bang & Olufsen TVs, to interior design. Even Scandinavian fashion design, most notably Danish, is known for its simplicity. Many of those aspects of minimalism and simplicity have been inherited by web designers based in Scandinavia, as you’re about to see.

We’ve gathered two dozen examples of exemplary clean, simplistic and minimal web designs from the Scandinavian countries, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland.

Scandinavian simplicity really is beautiful!

For a more up to date selection of minimally designed website, take a look at this post: 25 Beautiful Examples of Modern Minimal Web Design.



















  • Seriously, IKEA as example of Scandinavian design?
    Scandinavian design owes its fame to architects, furniture and product designers from at least the 1950s and IKEA only copied their designs.
    You bio states you have a “passion for inspiration”. How about a passion for doing research before publishing banalities and wrong facts?
    You post on a popular blog so what you publish has the power to influence a lot of people. Please be careful with what you write.

  • Nice round-up but I wouldn’t class those in the middle part of the list as ‘simple and minimalistic’.

  • RobNow

    What the fuck is your problem.

  • That’s a great list of designs. And yes, the Scandinavians know that less is more :)

  • Hernan

    Como me gusta esta sección!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bob wielandt

     Andrea Austoni,
    Ikea is a perfect example of Design made in Scandinavia aka. scandinavian design. You personally may or in this case supposedly  n o t  like it but so it is..
    As for being “careful” what one writes as a private person is a personal choice. You can (and surely will it looks) chose what  y o u  like or dislike  p e r s o n a l l y, however no one in the world can dispute the importance and influence of the business Ikea on a world wide scale.
    It is as brand as important as few out of Scandinavia in the last century and to turn ones back to that fact is an example of e general narrow mindedness only too frequent unfortunately. The same example goes for Italian Design,, some things are fabulous (to me) and others are not.
    So to just rant a hot comment off the cuff makes as little sense as your seemingly lack of knowledge in of the matter in question,,, unfortunately =)

  • Krittiya Clark

    Love Scandinavian design.