The Beauty of Ultra-Minimal Web Design

Over the years web designers have seen many trends come and go. While very few design trends will ever be thought of as evergreen, those that do move on generally leave a small impression on the next generation of trends.

One timeless web design trend that has been around for quite a while and has imprinted its style onto many other popular trends is minimalism. But in more recent times we’ve seen the minimalist style evolve into a more extreme variant, something web designers are now calling ‘ultra-minimalism.’

Much like standard minimalism, to the untrained eye it might initially appear that all it takes to create an ultra-minimalist site is to strip away all of the non-essential elements and components, and merely replace them with whitespace. There’s much more to it than that. Deciding which elements to discard and keep is a skill in itself.

Every single pixel has to be carefully arranged to produce optimum results. Negative space must be understood and must be applied consistently. Having an expert knowledge of typography and a trained eye for selecting the perfect color scheme are just some of the other creative skills you will need to create an ultra-minimalist web layout successfully.

What does a typical ultra-minimal website look like? Well, they tend to be beautiful, take a look for yourself:

Cole Townsend

Cole Townsend ultra minimal web design

Sang Han

Sang Han ultra minimal web design

Tim Brack

Tim Brack ultra minimal web design

Dennis Adelmann

Dennis Adelmann ultra minimal web design

Brian Nathan Hartwell

Brian Nathan Hartwell ultra minimal web design

Velvet Hammer

Velvet Hammer ultra minimal web design

Kerem Suer

Kerem Suer ultra minimal web design

Rob Wootten

Rob Wootten ultra minimal web design

We ain’t plastic

We ain’t plastic ultra minimal web design

Ryan Paonessa

Ryan Paonessa ultra minimal web design

Jessica Caldwell

Jessica Caldwell ultra minimal web design


Buero ultra minimal web design

Socket Studios

Socket Studios ultra minimal web design

Michiel de Graaf

Michiel de Graaf ultra minimal web design

Alessandro Scarpellini

Alessandro Scarpellini ultra minimal web design

Piet Oudolf

Piet Oudolf ultra minimal web design

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  • Jan Heder

    Looks nice, but only for designers/coders. Not so practical imo. If you present yourself with such portfolio, client would be probably like “ehm, i’m confused”.

  • Obinwanne Hill

    Nice list, Paul. I would also add Restive to this list:

  • Cool. But coolness stops here. It reminds me of the nice/shinny RESUME templates sold over web with all sort infographics. They are made by designers for designers. They have no value whatsoever for any small business down the street – outside of the design spectrum.

  • Most of these i would call minimal, yet alone ULTRA minimal..

  • True story!

  • Haylie

    This is awesome. I’m redesigning a website for information governance, which is text heavy, and this website really suits the bill