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Mobile Design


20 Mobile Device Mockup Templates for Web & UI Designers

Realistic device photos can show off a mobile app while still under development or just after release. These photos are perfect for marketing and for demonstrating how an application would…


Emotionally Intelligent Design: Your Mobile App Needs a Soul

We have paid a lot of attention to the functional layer of technology, slightly forgetting about its emotional one. Technology is constantly integrating into every aspect of our lives. Emotionally…


20 Free Elegant Script Fonts for Designers

These free script fonts are a great way to add character and elegance to your designs that will allow you to convey many different emotions.


How Are In-App Gestures Shaping User Experience?

Remember the time when hovering and clicking using the mouse were the most used triggers for interaction with a website or mobile app? Forget about those days. The game changed…


How to Add Mobile Navigation to Your WordPress Theme

Let’s look at one method for adding an attractive and functional mobile navigation system to your WordPress theme.


18 Free Mobile APIs Developers Should Consider

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of rules as well as specifications that developers can follow to communicate or interface with each other. APIs have been rightly called…


The Free Flatimus UI Kit for iOS (Photoshop PSD)

Today’s freebie, designed by Elmar Halmuhamedov, is a fantastic flat-styled iOS UI kit entitled Flatimus. The retina-ready UI kit comes in PSD format and has been created as a designer-friendly…


When Does a Small Business Need a Mobile App?

Mobile apps have been around for over a decade now. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the general public knows what makes an app, well, an app. Over the years,…


Keys to Designing a Great Mobile Website Experience

With the sheer number of devices and screen sizes out there, responsive design has become standard protocol. It’s vital that we design for and test our websites to ensure that…


The Retina Glyph Free Icon Set (100 Icons, AI & PNG)

The freebie we have for you today will come in handy for all you mobile app and web designers out there. Designed by our friends at, we have a…


Mastering Responsive Web Design: The Dos and Dont’s

Web design for mobile platforms is not about cramming all of your site’s content onto a smaller screen. You may have worked for years to optimize your content, but the…


Tips for Creating a Truly Functional Mobile Experience