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Mobile Design


10 Tips for Better iPhonography

As clich√© as it sounds, the best camera is the one you have with you. Fret not if you don’t have an expensive DSLR. When you have your iPhone cam…


10 Great iOS Photography Apps for Pros and Beginners

We all know that smartphones don’t exactly have the most best cameras in the market, but there are a number of great apps to make your photos look awesome. For…


20 Free Elegant Script Fonts for Designers

These free script fonts are a great way to add character and elegance to your designs that will allow you to convey many different emotions.


50 Beautiful Mobile App Icons for Design Inspiration

In this showcase I have put together 70 full @2x mobile app icons. Each icon was designed and published on Dribbble with a direct link back to the source. I…


6 Subtle UI Changes in iOS 11

With the unveiling of iOS 11, Apple continues to iterate on the existing user interface and push the envelope in terms of what can be achieved within a mobile operating…


Progressive Web Applications: What Exactly Are They?

The Progressive Web Apps (PWA) technology developed by Google has been available to the public for almost a year, but relatively few people outside the world of hardcore developers are…


20 Tips for Improving Your App’s Rank in the iOS App Store

Just over 2 million apps and counting. That’s the number of apps currently in the iOS App Store, with thousands of similar apps overwhelming every category and subcategory. With that…


Designing a Successful Mobile Commerce App

A bad mobile app can make or break a company’s image and revenues. In fact, Google reports that 79% of surveyed respondents indicated they would turn to a competitor’s app…


Why You Should Choose iOS When Building Your First Mobile App

When designing a new mobile application, the biggest question you will need to ask yourself is where to launch it. The best decision you can make would be to start…


Anti-Apps: The Rise of Apps That Get You Away from Technology

Every generation has complained about the habits and technology of younger generations. Malesherbes, a French statesman, thought that newspapers isolated readers in contrast to the “spiritually uplifting” group practice of…


Why Sketch is More Powerful with a Prototyping Buddy

Prototyping, more than ever, is playing an increasingly vital role in the design and development process, and has become an essential part of the workflow for a modern-day designer, and…


How to Prototype an iOS App with Sketch and Flinto (Part 2)