WordPress 3 Site Blueprints Book Competition Winner Information

Two weeks ago we published the competition, WordPress 3 Site Blueprints, it has now closed and it is time to announce the winners.

Thanks to everyone who left a comment, but we did have to pick only two winners. And to everyone that hasn’t won, all we can say is that better luck next time, and good luck with any of our future competitions.

Anyway, here are the two winners:

The Winners

Congratulations to our the winners and hopefully you would have by now received the winner confirmation email (if not, please get in touch with us).

Winner: Ruud Kuin.
“Although I’m an absolute ‘Newby’ in this mobile form of communication, I can see the enormous power it has in the near future. As a graphics designer I feel the need to grab the opportunity to use WordPress as this could/will become the new tool and standard for publishing and communicating. To really comprehend what WordPress is all about, I need to go through its blueprints, hence my comment here, written on my HTC using Android. Really up-to-date, don’t you think?”

Winner: Justin Leaf-Wright.
“I have used many a CMS… Joomla, Drupal, WordPress etc
I can say without a doubt that you can NOT go wrong with WordPress.
I use WordPress with the majority of my sites and have found NO fault
I hope the guys keep up the good work.
Book would be great too ;)”

About the Book: WordPress 3 Site Blueprints

WordPress 3 Site BlueprintsWhile some books merely talk about the capabilities of WordPress in general and leave you to figure out how they apply to your situation, WordPress 3 Site Blueprints takes a different approach. The first chapter will show you how to migrate from an existing static website to a WordPress blog. Each of the other chapters is devoted to the construction of a different type of site that can be created with WordPress and the right combination of themes and/or plugins. As you follow along, you will learn by doing because each of these nine chapters shows you how to build a WordPress-powered site from start to finish. That means that, by the time you reach the end of every chapter, you will have a fully-functional site online.

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