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Unraveling the Secrets of WordPress’ comments.php

One of the most important templates in any WordPress installation is the “comments.php” template file that is paired with virtually every single theme distributed for use with the world’s most popular content management solution. More than 60 million people rely on this basic template file every single day in order to encourage user interaction and communication. But, surprisingly enough, a…


Free WordPress Security E-Book Available from Code Poet: Locking Down WordPress

Code Poet, launched in May by Automattic, has this week released a new e-book on WordPress security. In the pages of “Locking Down WordPress,” three WordPress developers provide important advice on taking the right precautions. The book interviews the three seasoned WordPress pros, all of whom recommended updating all server code in the event of a security breach and requiring…


Ten Key Ways to Secure a Typical WordPress Installation

In just under a decade, WordPress has evolved from a fledgling content management system to the most-used such solution online. The software has accumulated more than 60 million users around the world, both on typical blogs at major news organizations like the New York Times, CNN, and the Washington Post. This notoriety, generally speaking, is good for the entire community….


Publishing to WordPress from the Desktop, Even Offline, Using the XML-RPC Protocol

The way to avoid losing the moment of inspiration in an offline world is by installing software known as an XML-RPC client. These specially designed software applications actually reside on a user’s hard drive and place a shortcut on their desktop. They permit the writing of posts even when the computer does not have access to an internet connection, and…

Don’t Become a Slave to Your Archives: Highlighting a WordPress Site’s Best Content

The challenge of operating an aging and content-rich WordPress blog is to never let content be fully relegated to the archives, which most users aren’t likely to peruse on their own free time. Confining entries solely to the backdated pages of an archive section is a great way to turn them into forgotten content, with users unable to find those…


Using cPanel to Create a MySQL Database for use with your CMS

There are two things that almost any online author is bound to experience in their travels: cPanel administration software and a content management solution like the ever-popular WordPress. And this means that virtually every online author will have to eventually learn how to create a MySQL database which is capable of holding the data produced by WordPress–including pages, posts, comments,…


How WordPress Changed My Career

Back when I started my career as a web designer (circa 1996), the main idea of having a website was to, well, have one. In those days, most businesses weren’t doing much more than putting together a hierarchy (an often poorly designed one, at that) of text and images. The idea of a content management system, or CMS, was completely…

Using jQuery to Validate the Standard WordPress Comment Form

WordPress does not natively validate its comment submission form, but it can be instructed to do so by developing a custom plugin which makes use of the popular Bassistance jQuery library. This library is specifically designed to validate forms and print any relevant errors before submission, and it’s by far the most widely-used way among web designers and developers to…

Using the Power of the .htaccess File to Improve WordPress SEO

Search engine optimization is a rapidly growing field which seems to grow more lucrative by the day, and that’s largely because a website’s placement within a search engine can make or break the site’s revenues and their stream of new readers or subscribers. Many people are familiar with the best ways to optimize a website for the best search engine…