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The Client is Always Right Poster Series

No matter what type of business you are in, hearing the words ‘the client is always right’ will make you cringe. In design, those words will not only make you cringe, they can also make you feel devastated at the prospect of a ruined project. Sometimes though, they can be really funny. With that in mind, Jonathan Quintin, founder and…


The Loneliness of Web Entrepreneurship

In my early days — prior to selling my web agency and starting uGurus, a hub helping web professionals build successful businesses — I would read books that advocated “networking” as a means to build your business. Okay, great, so I attended a bunch of networking events. More often than not, these events were pretty worthless. One time I went…


15 Powerful Social Media Tips

Social media is ever-changing and ever-growing. Of course, this is true of the internet in general, but even more so when talking about social media. Facebook, Google+, Twitter and countless others are constantly evolving and changing based on their users’ reading, browsing and posting habits. Of course, this is good news. It does mean that social media will continue to…


Finding Your Client Alter Ego

Let’s face it, finding clients is a drag. Finding the right client is a real drag, and finding the right client, who has money, wants to work with you and is a great person, is the dream of every freelance designer. When a potential client comes to your portfolio, the very first thing they see is your brand, or to…


How to Not Suck at Managing Your Time

Discipline is the mother of all things worthwhile: innovation, strength, wealth, health, knowledge, and of course…success. If you have any intention whatsoever of reaching your goal of becoming a successful web professional, then you must get disciplined about your time. Before you think this is going to shape out to be some kind of lecture, I would like to confess:…


Growing Your Audience as a Designer

Freelance designers are in a tough position. We have to create awesome work which gets us clients, and then we have to go out and market that work to make sure potential clients actually see it. We’ve all seen those designers who seem to have an overabundance of fans and followers, and whose work draws others in like moths to…

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Teach and Become the Best Designer You Can Be

It’s been said many times that, if you want to learn more, you should teach. Taking on proteges, apprentices, students – whatever you want to call them – who will appreciate and absorb your knowledge not only boosts your ego, it can also help you learn and grow as a designer. And no, you don’t have to become an actual…


The Myth of Inspiration and Passion

Inspiration and passion are a designers’ daily bread. Without them we crumble, wither and are reduced to mere pixels pushing hacks. But the problem with passion and inspiration is they’re fleeting. They come and they go. So the question you need to ask yourself is this: what happens when your passion and your inspiration run out? What do you do…