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Getting Those Creative Juices Flowing Again

What do you do if you’re partway through an important project for a client and you get, well… stuck? You simply can’t wring any more good ideas from that brain of yours, and none of your ordinary tricks to relieve creative block are working. To many designers, this is the kiss of death, but I’m here today to tell you…


Further Educating Yourself as a Designer

Everyone knows that education is the best investment a designer can make to further his or her career. But what does that mean, exactly? Should you go back to school (or attend for the first time)? Should you find a mentor or study the greats repeatedly until you perfect your craft? Perhaps you should do these things… and perhaps not….


Does Technology Make You A Better Designer?

Ah, the world of technology. It helps us to manage our increasingly hectic lives and careers and stay in touch with everyone we’re connected to both personally and professionally. However, the biggest question floating around the minds of many in the design industry is: does all of this convenience and instantaneous communication actually improve our ability to design outstanding deliverables…


The Make People Buy Things Secret

Audacious title, The Make People Buy Things Secret, isn’t it? Imagine a single element that any designer – serving clients in any industry – can use to make a target market more likely to purchase your client’s products and services. If such a thing exists, what do you think it might be? Think about it for a second while I…


Determining the Real Wants of Your Client

The freelancing world is filled with a great number of complex skill sets and many artists; freelance designers are constantly trying to match their skills and talents to the demands of their clients. While working on a new project can be amazingly satisfying, it can also be stressful and frustrating when your ideas don’t match up with what the client…


It’s All About The Packaging

When I was a student in design school, I once did an assignment for a teacher who made us stand up and present our projects to the entire class. Now I’m not the best public presenter, and as a teenager in college, I was even worse. After I fumbled through my presentation, my teacher pulled me aside and said that…


Your Freelance Reputation Matters & How To Improve It

If you don’t already know, you are constantly being evaluated by everyone you meet. I’m not just talking about your work performance, either, although that’s certainly important. But you’re also being evaluated as a person; your attitude, the words you choose, the way you dress, and yes – the way you look as well, are all constantly on display to…