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Generalizing Your Skills Will Never Make You a Design Specialist

I’m going to talk about something controversial today. Everyone strap in and brace yourselves. Design freelancers like to encourage newbies entering the industry to learn as many skills as they can to make themselves attractive as a job candidate. This is well-meaning advice that undoubtedly comes from a good place. But generally speaking, these ‘generalists’ who try to design, code,…


Getting your Freelance Finances Back on the Right Track

If you’re freelance finances are not in the shape they should be, here’s some tips that’ll help you get your them back on the right track. Freelancing can be pretty unforgiving. Lacking the cushion of a regular paycheque, financially things can be fraught and without the adequate expertise you can be left perpetually worrying about money. During my freelance time…


Things You Need to Know about Guest Blogging

One of the ways to help improve your ranking with search engines, and especially Google, is with inbound links – those links that point back to you. Creating inbound links to your company website, blog, or portfolio is difficult to do without guest blogging. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear an audible groan of dismay from many of you reading…


Your Guide to Becoming a Freelance Web Designer

Your Guide to Becoming a Freelance Web Designer has been written to help both those who are thinking of a freelance career and those who already have one. It’s a collection of easy-to-understand concepts and honest advice. Everything you read in the book comes directly from my 14+ years of experience as a freelance designer/developer. Frankly, when I started my…


Why Working For Cheap Isn’t Always Bad

How many of you know the proper way to approach a diet? Many people don’t, which is why they fail to work. There’s a specific mentality you need to have in order to get through a diet successfully, and it has to do with what you believe about the permanence of your current situation. When starting a design project, whether…


It’s Relationship Building, Not Networking

Networking is an awkward word. It connotes connecting with people in an impersonal way in order to get something out of the connection. On the surface,that’s ok, but there’s more to networking than finding people who will help to advance your career. That’s why I’m a bigger fan of “relationship building” than “networking.” Yes, it’s a matter of semantics, but…


Where’s The Fire? Calming A Panicky Client

Everyone has had the kind of clients that you wish you could strangle – the scope creepers, the micromanagers, the non-payers. It’s very aggravating, but it is a long-established part of being a freelancer. But there’s a certain kind of client in particular who is as much a danger to him or herself as they are to you. I’m talking,…


Stop Marketing To The Competition!

As a creative freelancer, I’ve seen a peculiar trend among other freelancers more times than I’d like to recount. I’m going to bring some attention to it, and hopefully persuade at least a few out there to reverse it. The trend is this: many freelancers tend to post things on their blogs that go into the dense particulars of their…


Asking for Client Testimonials

Testimonials are critical for online marketing, whether you’re a freelancer or not. The reason is that people care a lot more about what others have to say than what you have to say about yourself. Why? Because we’re all inherently biased. We think our designs are the best and our customer service is second to none. And even if we…