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Deadly Communication Sins Freelancers Commit

Today, we’re going to explore those communication “sins” that cause designers so much trouble, and how you can turn them around so that your clients will start rejoicing again. Alright, freelancers – it’s time to confess! How many of you are guilty of not communicating regularly enough with your clients? Maybe you’re running behind on your deadline, and you’re too…


Improving Your Design Workflow – The Cupcake Method

Ah, cupcakes. Who doesn’t love those little, round bites of deliciousness? With a history spanning many, many years, cupcakes have a rich legacy that includes chemistry, enterprise, and problem solving. Today we’ll explore five ways the design process is remarkably similar to the process pastry chefs use to bake cupcakes, and what designers can do to improve their own design…


Handling Ethical Disagreements With Clients

Sometimes, you may get a client who wants you to do something that you’re just not comfortable with. We all want to please our clients, but how do you please a client who, say, really wants you to directly copy another company’s logo design or sales copy? Or who wants you to do something malicious to a competitor’s online reputation,…


Dealing With Overly Opinionated Clients

Do you know what a shoemaker is? Well… it’s a person who makes shoes. But it also has another meaning. In the culinary world, a shoemaker is a hack – someone who is typically ill-informed and incompetent, and who uses shortcuts to get around their lack of skill. The term comes from the oddity of having a person who makes…


The freelance pricing trap and how to get out of it

Freelancing is riddled with challenges. First, freelancers are left to figure out how to land new clients. They have to cold call potential leads, effectively display their portfolio, and expertly request for referrals to keep a steady stream of work coming in. Once that’s taken care of, they have to manage their time and their projects to get everything finished…


Shave Your Designs With Occam’s Razor

Did you know that designers can use a tool that mathematicians, philosophers, and other academics have known about for hundreds of years? It’s called Occam’s Razor, and it’s a law that states, essentially, that the simplest solution is usually the best or most correct. For example, if your client is late to a meeting, you would probably assume he or…


Waking Up Your Clients’ Taste Buds

One of the hallmarks of a top chef is his or her ability to do interesting takes on food combinations that, at first glance, seem like they wouldn’t go together at all. The first person, for example, to pair peas and wasabi together was a culinary genius. Think about it. Someone had to test flavors repeatedly – combining and recombining…


Are You Selling Clients What They Want?

Imagine this: You’re in the process of building a new website, so you need to write copy for the new homepage. It needs to be compelling, and it also needs to connect with potential clients by speaking to their needs and desires. You sit down at your computer and start writing. You’ve been designing for several years now, so you…


Put More Personal Work In Your Portfolio

Anyone here have a bunch of strange, unusual, or, shall we say, “quirky” hobbies? Perhaps you like to collect bottle caps from around the world and photograph them as found typography. Or maybe you recycle old computer parts to fashion into handmade art pieces? Come on, you’re designers – I know there’s something juicy you work on when you’re not…