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The Remote Designer – Jumping into the Cloud

Freelance work can be one of the most liberating work, especially when moving from agency or in-house, you will ever undertake in your career. And while it has plenty of benefits, especially when developing a career, it has no shortage of it’s own challenges. The ability to set your own schedule and work when/where you want is liberating, but it…


Be the Mom: How To Avoid Design By Committee

Here’s a scenario for you: a woman has three young children, each armed with a handful of crayons. They’re happily drawing on a large sheet of paper, cooperating and sharing colors. The woman leaves the room for a moment, and when she comes back, she is dismayed to find that the children have all begun scribbling on the walls. There…


Basic Security Tips Every Freelancer Should Follow

One of the more convoluted yet rewarding opportunities of as a freelancer is the freedom in your own schedule. This is especially true when working online, since most digital products may be created at any point from any computer. This means freelance writers, designers, and developers are constantly working towards a better means of communication. At times this can lead…


Pros and Cons of Hiring Subcontractors

When work volumes surge, or when you simply have a project you don’t have the skillset for, hiring subcontractors is one path you may consider. However, before you do so, it is best if you know not only the advantages of hiring subcontractors but also some potential issues to watch for. To help you with this decision, here are some…


3 Ways Designers Can Provide Unique Value To Clients

If you’ve ever purchased organic food from a grocery store or farmer’s market, you know that it can be, well, pricey. Some people report as much as a 300% increase in their grocery bill when they buy organic versions of their regular groceries. And is it worth it? Staunch fans of organic living claim that it is. They say the…


Networking For Designers 101: How To Network Properly

Ah, networking. Every creative freelancer’s favorite thing ever. Going out to events, shaking hands, plastering on a fake smile, getting paper cuts from passing out hundreds of business cards, dodging flakes and crazies galore. Or perhaps you’re the online type of networker – stalking people on Twitter and LinkedIn, carpet bombing potential clients with form letters and links to your…


When Bad Jobs Happen To Good Designers: How To Market Your Way Out Of Mediocrity

We’ve all heard the saying “a designer is only as good as his/her clients.” Some designers, regardless of skill level or experience, seem to always have the most interesting assignments that are creative, challenging, and highly paid, while others, who may have more experience, technical skill, or talent, get stuck working for peanuts on unfulfilling, low-level work. Why is that?…


Communication Tips for Techies

Techies aren’t known for their outstanding communication skills – we are much better at design, code, machines in general than in communication with other humans. However, no matter if we like it or not, life makes us communicate with other humans, especially coworkers and clients, and because of this we just don’t have a choice but to learn how to…