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10 Productivity Tips for Freelancers

As a freelancer, it matters not how much time you have spent in front of your computer but what you have completed on the project. What matters is productivity rather than the number of work hours and it is in your best interest to be as productive as possible. Productivity is influenced by lots of factors. Sometimes you don’t have…


5 Things that Can Derail Your Freelance Career

When you started your freelance career, you probably thought that the beginning was the most difficult. While a beginning is usually hard, what’s after isn’t necessarily any easier. There are many things that can turn everything upside down. I wish there were only 5 things that can derail your freelance career but unfortunately there are many more. However, in my…


The Art of Going Freelance

If you’re looking for more creative freedom, control of your time, and a good excuse to avoid working from a cubicle ever again, becoming a freelance designer is a smart move. But before you make the big leap, there are a number of less creative factors to consider — those back-end business functions normally taken care of by salespeople, marketers,…


5 Friends Every Freelancer Needs

Freelancing is lonely work – quite honestly you wouldn’t have gotten into it if you just loved staff meetings and co-workers dropping by your cube unannounced. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a lone wolf. Even freelancers need some friends now and then. The Other Freelancer Image Source: Professional Occupation Icons via Shutterstock Maybe this is a…


Ideas: The Force Behind the Designer

We all know that most design clients are fairly predictable in tastes and not exactly thrilling to work for. I am sure you are not clapping your hands in excitement when designing another site for a wedding photographer or online marketing company that needs to be “conversion optimized.” Nothing about the project itself stirs the spark of creativity that is…


How to Deal with Creative Differences with Clients

For a techie, one of the not so nice aspects of being a freelancer is the fact that you have to work with clients. When you work for an agency, most of this is handled by the account executive and sometimes you don’t have to deal with the client at all. However, when you work for yourself as a freelancer…


Dealing with Scope Creep in Web Design

Have you ever committed your time and energy to a project only to discover your responsibilities growing far beyond the initial requirements? “This isn’t what I signed up for,” you think to yourself. “If only I’d known what I was getting in to.” You have experienced scope creep, and whether you run into it in your personal or profession life,…


Finding Freelance Projects

Congratulations, if you have decided to become a freelancer. No matter what your reasons to go freelance might be, one of the things you will need for sure are projects. While sometimes projects find you and you get more on your plate than you need, more often than not you will have to be the active party and search for…