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The Beautiful Cinemagraphs of Julien Douvier

French graphic designer Julien Douvier has truly taken the art of creating cinemagraphs to an all new level. Armed with a tripod and a Canon 600D, he captures beautiful and tender moments from everyday life, and creates some truly inspiring cinematic-style animated photographs that give the viewer a sense of longing, nostalgia and at times even adventure. The collection of…


Intriguing Levitation Photography by Bairon Rivera

Photography is not about the pictures you take with your camera, it’s about the concept that you have in your mind which you give physical form to. Maryland-based photographer Bairon Rivera has defied gravity by creating a series of conceptual, bizarre yet intriguing ‘levitation‘ photographs that recently caught our attention. Bairon has beautifully manipulated his art by blending a surreal…


Skymetrics – Contrasting Minimal Urban Photography with a Beautiful Blue Sky

Neapolitan designer Lino Russo has recently published a photography series entitled Skymetrics. The project contrasts modern geometric, colorful architecture with a beautiful clear blue sky. The results are simply breathtaking. Describing his project, Lino said that what these shots have in common are a “completely square, regular and schematic, so achieving geometric shots in a minimalist context, where the simplicity…


The Reflections Photography Series

Dallas based photographer Tom Hussey is renowned for his award winning wistful photography series “Reflections“. The highly conceptual photographs depict an older person looking at the reflection of their younger self in a mirror. The idea came to Tom after having a conversation with an 80 year old WWII veteran who shared his bitter experience of how fast time has…


Breathtaking Photography: Shooting in the Golden Hour

The golden hour is the time of day, usually in the early morning or evening, when the light creates a very special effect in photography. During the golden hour (sometimes also called the magic hour), the light is soft, with a reddish hue, which brings warmth and depth to a photo. At the same time, lighting conditions change rapidly offering…

Gallery of Backlit Photography

Creative backlights are often used to lend an artistic and enigmatic touch to photographs. In fact, if done properly, backlights can single-handedly transform an ordinary photograph into a masterpiece. In this gallery, we present to you some of the finest examples of backlit photography.

A Gallery of Beautiful Christmas Seasonal Photography

The festive season is just round the corner, and with Christmas and New Year approaching fast, everyone seems to be getting busy with preparations. In sync with those Christmas preparations, today, we bring you a gallery of Seasonal and Christmas photography. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the visual treat, and get in the festive mood! Christmas Seasonal Photography…