Is it time to redesign your website?

The main problem with any website is the need to keep it up-to-date. If you do not maintain a website properly, it will quickly become stale and ultimately outdated. When this does happen the only solution is to rethink and redesign. The costs involved in designing a website can be high and the whole process can take weeks or even…


Analysis of 20 Bootstrapped Startup Landing Pages

If you ask any entrepreneur what the most important part of a website is. They will undoubtedly tell you that it is the landing page. It’s an often quoted fact that you, as a business are not really competing with anything but the back button. And I can say from a lot of personal business experience that this is true….


A History Lesson on the Rise and Fall of Adobe Flash

The long history of Flash has proven to be an interesting journey. Mostly all Internet users are familiar with the Flash Player plugin which, along with Adobe Reader, is constantly pushing updates. Flash is the original multimedia platform for the web which spans all the way back into the 1990s. But where has Adobe brought Flash into the present day?…


20 Free Responsive HTML & CSS Templates

The free responsive HTML & CSS templates we have for you today do not only offer a quick and easy to edit solution for a static website or as a theme for your favorite CMS, they also offer a great learning experience by giving you the opportunity to reverse-engineer the beautiful mobile-friendly responsive code contained with each.

Superb Graphic Design Artwork

In this gallery, we have a collection of otherworldly images. These are graphic art, taking a feeling or moment and pressing it 2D for transmission directly to the heart of other humans. These are a collection of graphic art examples of various types and expressing various things. They are taken from artists around the world, yet you can feel in…