A Different Thought Can Make All The Difference For Web Designers


Designing is an art and design intelligence that must be visible to the onlooker. Evidently, designing trends undergo relentless metamorphosis, evolve over time and will eventually vanish from the landscape. This idea applies to web design, in particular. In contrast to other creative fields, website design is far more prone to excessive use of trends. The exorbitant use of similar designs or following the late trends wanes the ability to deliver unique information and express things is an unexampled way that results in the loss of a website’s visual appeal.

Brian Reed has rightly quoted, ‘Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.’ This statement completely justifies what we need to change in websites today. To reinforce their position as a professional designing artist, web designers must undo the designing culture that they have been following all these years. Broadening the vision and adding new and unusual ingredients into the designing platter is the call of the next era of website designing. Unknowingly, it is because of bad designing techniques that clients don’t really understand what they want for their website. They have narrowed their vision, believe what they see and expect their hired designers to come up with layouts similar to that of their competitors.

To get the better of antiquated designing trends, redefining creativity is the key to succeed. The ideology is to bring revolution in the web designing industry and espouse creatively innovative strategies to cater clients with amazing web layouts. For this, web designers need to think differently and comprehend various aspects before evolving a web designing piece. Check out few of them:

Change the way you analyze Clients Business Goals

Before you lay the foundation stone for an aesthetically appealing website, the first step is to understand your clients business goals. By this we mean, analyzing the nature of a client’s business and mishmash creativity according to the target audience of the clients. Anticipating what all products or services the company intends to sell to its potentials is another great way of creating a wonderful business website.

Change the way you Envision

Having a vision of the industry a client wishes to hit is another significant aspect to focus on. Complete knowledge about the respective industry will enable a web designer to incorporate the desired theme and elements that are different from what have been used by the designers all these years. Also, designers should categorize the content posted on varying web pages and accordingly decide a theme that fits perfectly.

Change the way you Think and Design

Thinking is all that matters when a designer sits in front of the computer screen and make efforts to create a designing masterpiece. The idea is to think a wee bit better than what they have been thinking until then. A designer must think of artistic components that have never been used before, a theme that is hard for anybody to imagine, and a concept that is not yet developed. Thinking exceptionally impossible is a way of creating extraordinary websites.

Colorful buttons, large fonts, rounded corners, irrelevant logos (the ones that doesn’t have a hidden message) etc. have become old. To ensure a nifty web experience to end-users, a web designer needs to keep designs simple, graceful and stylish. Though the blend seems to be really odd, but those who break the traditional design mold, are often the ones who wins the game.

Change the way you pass Branding Experience

Web designers need to bypass the obsolete ways of deploying a website. They must put a halt to the age-old ways of searching an industry-specific website template over the WWW. Rather, they should design something unique of their own and integrate the same in the Open Source Systems, like Joomla to save their time and cost. Another great way to come to the limelight is to design a website using optimized flash, reducing the loading time and thus magnetizing customers to visit website and boost company sales.


In a nutshell, by bringing into practice the aforementioned strategies of designing, a web designer can intelligently help its client’ grow their business and thus emerge as a powerful creative entity in the industry.

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