Inspirational & Free Downloadable Photography Magazines

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Inspiration is important for web and visual designers. It’s what gives you new ideas, shapes and influences your style, and energizes and increases your passion for visual art.

And visual art that’s of a different medium from yours can be an even greater inspiration—like photography—since you’re getting a fresh outside perspective. This article features a selection of inspirational and free downloadable photography magazines.

All these photography magazines showcase inspiring photos, and all the issues are free to download in a PDF format or view online. So without further ado, here they are:

The Photographer Toolbox
Unlimited Downloads: 500,000+ Actions, Brushes, Web Templates, Themes & Design Assets


Beat is a young generation magazine entirely formed by photo projects. Each issue focuses on certain topics, and the questions are attempted to be answered via photographs to augment verbal communication.

Download free issues of Beat here

Invisible City

Invisible City is dedicated to showcasing contemporary art and writing by emerging artists from Australia and around the world. Each issue will explore a contemporary theoretical idea through images, creative and critical writing.

Download free issues of Invisible City here


LAB is a not-for-profit publication that showcases the work of culture makers – photographs and other visual mediums. LAB is about learning, making, and contributing to the collective creative culture. It’s a self-described “wunderkabinet of creative culture. With a cherry on top.”

Download free issues of LAB here


Loom is a Germany-based English-language magazine (and iPad app) that simply showcases amazing and inspiring photographs. Of people, fashion, scenes, nature, and more – all stylish and sometimes conceptual.
Download free issues of Loom here


pict*re is filled with photos (as well as stories, interviews and how-to’s) from Flickr users. In other words, it’s a sort of a “best of” of Flickr photography.

Download free issues of pict*re here

Vanity Teen

Vanity Teen captures adolescence in photographs. From experimenting with social identities to finding a place in the world to self-referential narcissism, Vanity Teen showcases it in stylish photos.

Download free issues of Vanity Teen here


Wip—‘Work in Progress’—hosts unpublished work by various photographers. The photographs don’t necessarily have to constitute a finished series, but they can be parts of a recent or older work in progress. “Stray” photographs are sometimes also included, if the photographer feels they are part of his own work in progress.

Download free issues of Wip here

Over to you: what are your favorite free downloadable photography magazines? Feel free to share your picks in the comments section below.