Useful Tools for Building Websites and Portfolios This Year

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Finding the right tools for building a website can be a challenge. It’s not that good tools aren’t available. There are many of them on the market, but it isn’t always easy to tell which ones are the best performers and will give you the most value.

The best performing tools typically have several things in common:

  • They are easy to use;
  • They do not have steep learning curves;
  • Their features and functions work together seamlessly.

If you want a page builder with plenty of bells and whistles, there are more than a few of them on the market. If, however, you want something that meets your needs and isn’t packed with features you don’t need, take a close look at the website and portfolio builders tools listed here. They have been designed for ease of use and productivity.

They are affordable. You can save on development costs. None of them require any knowledge of coding on your part. Even if you are a developer, one or more of these tools might deserve a place in your website or portfolio-building toolkit. Take a look, and give one or more a try.


Cornerstone was right from the start a standalone plugin available exclusive to X Theme’s users. However, Themeco will soon release it as standalone product compatible with all WordPress Themes. What contributed to its sudden popularity is its appeal to those who would prefer working with a front end editor and page builder.

web Tools Building Website Portfolio Cornerstone

Cornerstone lets you preview the editing and page-building process in real time, thanks to its two, side-by-side, interactive displays. As you do your drag and drop editing and customizing on the edit screen, the result appears instantly on the preview screen. You can see at a glance how any change you make affects your layout as a whole.

If that were all Cornerstone had to offer, you would still be ahead of the game by putting this productivity-enhancing tool to use. There is more, however, including an extensive element library that is constantly being enlarged and updated. Visit the website for an in-depth look at this premium tool. You will see why it is a leader among the best tools for 2016.


SnapPages is a simple to use website builder that makes creating a website a snap. Its authors have included a selection of modern, professional, and highly customizable themes. Choose one, and modify it to fit your taste and needs. The HTML5 drag-and-drop editor is delightfully easy to use. It’s even optimized for touchscreens so that you can work from your desktop or your tablet.

web Tools Building Website Portfolio SnapPages

Don’t let the HTML5 designation worry you if you are not a coding expert. You don’t have to use a single line of code to create a website, mobile website, a blog, or an eCommerce site. Whether you have a handful of products to sell or plan to put in place an online store the box stores would envy, SnapPages has you covered. As is the case with the other best tools presented here, SnapPages support is friendly, helpful, and available at all times.


XPRS features more than 500 pre-built websites that cover a wide variety of themes and topics to get you started. Browse through their portfolio to get an idea of how attractive your pages can appear on both PC browsers and mobile devices. Putting an online store, a portfolio or a one-pager together is like building something with Lego blocks. It’s easy, super simple, fully responsive, and the variety of sites you can build is endless.

web Tools Building Website Portfolio XPRS

One reason users, and those who have taken a closer look at this web building tool, have become excited, is the variety of purchasing plans. Pros, serving multiple clients, love the white label package. This package gives you unlimited packages for only $250. At the other end of the spectrum, using XPRS is free for artists, students, and non-profits. A package for businesses sells for $7.95/month.

Divi Builder

The Divi theme has attracted more than its share of WordPress theme users. A feature that has contributed immensely to Divi Builder’s popularity is the Divi Builder. Divi Builder is one of the most innovative page builders on the market. What makes this drag and drop plugin worth looking into is that you can use it with any WordPress theme.

web Tools Building Website Portfolio Divi Builder WordPress

Visit ElegantThemes’ Divi Builder home page. You can see a demo that illustrates how powerful and easy this design tool is to use, and why we have reserved a space for it in the Best in the Class of 2016. operates on the theory that putting an eye-catching online portfolio together should not have to be a grind. The ability to set up a website with a few clicks may seem like an exaggeration, but with this front-end editing, drag-and-drop tool, and a selection of customizable templates at your fingertips, it’s close to the truth.

web Tools Building Website Portfolio

Coding is not required, and you don’t have to worry about complex interfaces. offers a 14-day free trial, and you don’t need to give them a credit card number to take it. Try it out, and check out the price plans later.

Themify Builder

Themify Builder is another premier drag and drop page builder you can use with any WordPress theme. Create any layout you wish and get a live preview of it on the front end. It comes with parallax scrolling, animations, background video and more.

web Tools Building Website Portfolio Themify Builder WordPress

You don’t have to wait until your design is nearly complete. You can watch it evolve and make changes and additions throughout the design process, and you can do it all without touching a line of code. Pick a theme, check out the promotional discounts, and get started.


It would only make sense that the more creative and imaginative you are, the more difficult it could be to build an online portfolio that turns your ideas into reality. With Portfoliobox, that’s not the case at all.

web Tools Building Website Portfolio Portfoliobox

With Portfoliobox’s modern and trendy templates and layouts, you can create pages, eCommerce sites, and blogs right in your web browser. No coding is necessary, and web hosting and a free domain is included. Start with a free account, and if you wish, sign up for a pro account later.

Summing up

The best tools are powerful, easy to use, affordable, and can be used almost anywhere. At least, that’s the case with those we’ve presented here. Even the tools that focus more on creating portfolios are multiuse tools.

All are drag and drop, even the one emphasizing a building block approach. Front end editing is no longer a brand new, exciting approach, although it remains exciting and definitely productive. See what appeals to you, check it out, and let us know what you think.