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A Showcase of Websites That Have Been Inspired by Wireframes

This inspiring gallery takes a look at those beautifully designed web design interfaces that have been inspired by wireframe or a digital blueprint’s ideology.


A Touch of Neon in Web Design: Using Color to Draw a User’s Attention

Color is one of the most powerful tools in website design, especially when it comes to manipulating reading flow. As a rule, the standard reading path starts from the top…


7 Free Collections of Minimally Designed Logo Templates

We have collected the best minimally designed logo templates that can be used for free on both your personal and commercial projects.


Beyond Glitched: Using Distorted Images in Web Design

It began in 2017 when designers started to play with the glitch effect. It was seen everywhere: videos, animations, and of course, images. This effect perfectly blended into a wave…


How Ultra-Thin Lines in Web Design Can Create an Impact

Last year, the web development community was obsessed with vertical lines and vertical rhythm. This year, we see some interesting solutions that have originated from that tendency. The use of…


The Design Essentials of a Modern Business Flyer

What makes for a good business flyer? It is a symbiosis of the informational and inspirational. It strikes a balance between the pragmatic and motivational. It should unobtrusively lure in…


The Use of Cursor Effects in Web Design

Not only do cursor effects help to maintain a user’s interest while they are waiting, but also assists in establishing an effective UX between UI and user.


12 Inspiring Examples of Mixing Solid & Hollow Fonts in Web Design

It is a common practice to mix and match typefaces in order to find the perfect pair for a website. As a rule, designers choose one font for the header…


Exploring the Use of Sticky Vertical Navbars

Navigation in website design does not undergo many changes. It includes almost the same elements, always meets the audience from the outset and modestly takes its place in the top…


The Bright Side of an Increasingly Homogeneous Web

Each day, it seems like the web becomes a little less varied. At least, when it comes to the tools we use to build and view it. Just think –…


Exploring Image Usage Design Trends in Web Design

The phrase “stock photography” often evokes the shot of a business meeting where everyone is inexplicably beaming with delight. This feels cheesy, unnatural, and poorly suited for modern web design….


Out of the Way: Corner Navigation in Web Design