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8 Stunning Examples of the X-Ray Effect in Web Design

An x-ray is a form of electromagnetic radiation that has wavelengths shorter than visible light. It easily passes through solid objects and lets you see inside. It has found many…


Making the Most of Breadcrumbs in Web Design

If you are at all familiar with the story of Hansel and Gretel, then you know that they used breadcrumbs to mark their way so they could find their way…


The 20+ Best Banner Mockup Templates for Photoshop for 2021

These photo-realistic banner mockup PSD templates for Photoshop are all easy to use and will help turn your artistic vision into reality.


The Design Trend of Utilizing Monochrome Colors in Hero Areas

The way we use color seems to change so much these days. Only several months ago we were discussing the vibrant color schemes that were seen in many details of…


Large Cursors: Pointing the Way Towards a Better Web

Various experiments are conducted these days with mouse pointers. Consider our recent posts regarding cursor effects and the use of circular cursors in web design. It feels like we are…


The Design Trend of Using Triangles in Web Design

You may wonder: “What can be so special about triangles? It is just a plain, primitive geometric shape. Not even a circle or square that have a hint of perfectionism.”…


Rocking the Boat: Examining the Use of Waves in Web Design

Waves in web design? It seems unlikely. I bet the first thing that comes to your mind are websites dedicated to travel – especially by sea. Or, sites with nautical…


Taking a Look at Brand-Related Splash Screens in Web Design

Many websites prefer to begin a conversation with their audience with a touch of brand identity. Here are some prime examples of this technique in action.


Attention Getters: Bright Call-to-Action Buttons

As a rule, call-to-action buttons rarely undergo cardinal changes. The last big thing in this sphere was when we were widely introduced to ghost buttons. Although their hollow shape felt…


Striking Examples of the Glitch Effect in Web Design

We share some exceptional website examples where the glitch effect improves the user experience rather than ruin it, giving the sites a truly unique appeal.


8 Beautifully Illustrated Onboarding Screens in Mobile Design

To understand the value of your application and enjoy its features, modern web programs need to have an onboarding process. It is not just a whim. It is a crucial…


A Showcase of Websites That Have Been Inspired by Wireframes