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Exploring the Elegance of Line Typography in Web Design

Typography is one of those things that we can talk about forever. Just remember our outstanding articles where we discussed The Rise of the Hand-Written Typography Trend on the Web,…


Exploring Web Design with a 1990s Vibe

While we have been living for almost twenty years in the new century (the magical number of 2020 is already looming), the last decade of the previous one makes its…


The 20 Best Photoshop Actions & Layer Styles for Creative Text Effects

Transform your typography with these creative Photoshop actions! Browse our collection of the 20 best Photoshop actions and layers for creative text effects. It’s time to wow everyone!


25 Photoshop PSD Laptop Mockup Templates

We have curated this amazing collection of versatile Mac and Windows laptop mockups PSD templates. All of the templates are easy to customize.


The Grumpy Designer’s Bold Predictions for 2019

2019 is upon us and it has me thinking big. And since everyone else out there is telling you what will happen in the new year, I’m going to do…


A Selection of Festive Websites to Get You in the Mood for Christmas

We are going to start with the oldest example in our collection – Greestmas Greeting. Originally launched in 2011, it is a true pioneer. However, it is not a traditional…


Effective Use of Negative Space in Web Design

A lot of designers make a big mistake by creating overly complex, busy, and colorful web pages. If it’s not intentional, you should avoid creating complex interfaces and use more…


Real Life Living Representations of Web Design Styles

Being a web designer means you have a tough job. Only the really determined ones make it big in this industry. Between coming up with a design idea, actually doing…


Making the Most of Breadcrumbs in Web Design

If you are at all familiar with the story of Hansel and Gretel, then you know that they used breadcrumbs to mark their way so they could find their way…


Exercise Caution When Using These Popular Web Design Trends

Like most cultural products, web design has its own zeitgeist. Every year sees a new crop of popular design components, features, and trends. Attitudes change rapidly, especially with the fast…


Abstract or Realistic – Which Web Design Style Do You Use?

The question of what a website’s style should embody is a frustrating one for many designers, because, of course, everyone wants to capture the essence of the company/product in the…


The UX Design Trends to Watch out for in 2018

There’s no such thing as “too early” in web design. By the time you implement the user experience (UX) design trends of today, the industry is already looking to tomorrow….


The Top Web Design Trends of 2017 (And One for 2018)