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Design Trends


The Hamburger & Mega-Menu Combination Design Trend

Hamburger icons are everywhere. They carved a niche for themselves without any intention to leave us anytime soon. Hate it, love it – just deal with it. Much like the…


10 Stunning Business Cards with Simple Geometric Designs

When it comes to geometric designs, the first thing that comes to our mind is of course simplicity. It feels like it is one of the most primitive and easiest…


7 Free Collections of Minimally Designed Logo Templates

We have collected the best minimally designed logo templates that can be used for free on both your personal and commercial projects.


8 Creative CSS & JS Snippets for Creating Pixelated Backgrounds

Pixelated backgrounds can add an element of fun and a surprising amount of creativity. We share ten CSS & JavaScript code snippets that show the potential of the pixel.


Beautifully Designed Examples of Asymmetrical Split Screens in Web Design

Modern split screens in web design are used to make the layout more interesting, give the content a piquancy and present blocks of information creatively.


Exploring Neumorphism Through Code Snippets

The web design industry has always been great at throwing around buzzwords. One of the most recent examples is neumorphism – which is supposedly the “new skeuomorphic” for design elements….


10 Dramatic Examples of Splash Screens in Web Design

Splash screens in web design are effective as long as they are lightweight, straight-to-the-point, and always improve the experience of the user, as these inspiring examples prove.


8 Excellent Examples of Using Stacked Text Blocks in Web Design

It is so exciting to examine modern website designs and stumble upon tiny things that developers find adorable. “Tiny details make the difference” – we hear this a lot these…


The Design Trend of Utilizing Monochrome Colors in Hero Areas

The way we use color seems to change so much these days. Only several months ago we were discussing the vibrant color schemes that were seen in many details of…


Taking a Look at Brand-Related Splash Screens in Web Design

Many websites prefer to begin a conversation with their audience with a touch of brand identity. Here are some prime examples of this technique in action.


Striking Examples of the Glitch Effect in Web Design

We share some exceptional website examples where the glitch effect improves the user experience rather than ruin it, giving the sites a truly unique appeal.


8 Beautifully Illustrated Onboarding Screens in Mobile Design