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The Use of Cursor Effects in Web Design

Not only do cursor effects help to maintain a user’s interest while they are waiting, but also assists in establishing an effective UX between UI and user.


12 Inspiring Examples of Mixing Solid & Hollow Fonts in Web Design

It is a common practice to mix and match typefaces in order to find the perfect pair for a website. As a rule, designers choose one font for the header…


10 Best Logo Reveal Templates for Adobe After Effects

In this collection, we share the ten best templates that you can use to create a professional logo animation on your own in After Effects.


Exploring the Use of Sticky Vertical Navbars

Navigation in website design does not undergo many changes. It includes almost the same elements, always meets the audience from the outset and modestly takes its place in the top…


The Bright Side of an Increasingly Homogeneous Web

Each day, it seems like the web becomes a little less varied. At least, when it comes to the tools we use to build and view it. Just think –…


Exploring Image Usage Design Trends in Web Design

The phrase “stock photography” often evokes the shot of a business meeting where everyone is inexplicably beaming with delight. This feels cheesy, unnatural, and poorly suited for modern web design….


Out of the Way: Corner Navigation in Web Design

Corner navigation has been with us for a while. It is a small trend that has emerged from the popular perimeter navigation. However, unlike its predecessor, it looks less massive…


Adding Warmth and Personality to Websites with Human Illustrations

When it comes to excelling with visual appeal, there is no better way than to use illustrations on your website. Of course, it is not something that can be created…


The Design Trend of Using Triangles in Web Design

You may wonder: “What can be so special about triangles? It is just a plain, primitive geometric shape. Not even a circle or square that have a hint of perfectionism.”…


Are Design Trends Superficial?

Designers love to complain about ‘superficial’ design trends that they don’t feel have any staying power or contribute anything meaningful to the industry. But are they right? I happen to…


The Time-Saving Design Trend & How to Use It

A functional website is no longer enough to set a brand apart from competitors. To stand out, digital assets need to look beautiful, function seamlessly, and immediately cater to a…


10 Fantastic Examples of Dynamic Centerpieces in Web Design