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Image Optimization


Exploring Image Usage Design Trends in Web Design

The phrase “stock photography” often evokes the shot of a business meeting where everyone is inexplicably beaming with delight. This feels cheesy, unnatural, and poorly suited for modern web design….


My Approach to On-Page SEO in 2019

The practice of Search Engine Optimization has been constantly evolving for as long as search engines have been around. While every search engine marketer will implement different strategies and tactics,…


12 Free Smoke Brush Packs for Adobe Photoshop

Check out our collection of high-resolution and free smoke brush packs for Adobe Photoshop, and download and use them on your next project.


Image Management Best Practices

There’s no debating the fact that including images on your website or mobile app draws the interest of users and leads to stronger engagement. For example, posts that include images…


An Introduction to Progressive Image Rendering

Images play important roles in websites, helping to improve conversions, enhance user experience and increase their engagement. There’s almost nothing better than an ideal image to draw the eye to…


The Challenge of Responsive Images

Images are one of the most important elements on a web page in terms of user experience. Few objects on a page have the same impact on everything from emotional…


Image Loading, Reloaded

In the world of web design, what you don’t see can hurt you. Worse, it can damage your brand reputation, bottom line, or both. Specifically I’m talking about images. Images…


Selecting the Best Format for Image Content

When it comes to adding images to a website, most developers have several formats to choose from – JPEG, JPEG-XR, PNG, WebP and GIF to name a few. But determining…


Avoiding Generation Loss with Web Images

Everyone knows what happens if you make a photocopy of a photocopy: The quality deteriorates with each subsequent copy. This phenomenon is called “generation loss.” In theory, digital images shouldn’t…


How to Resize Images in an Article or Post with jQuery

If you own a blog, chances are you post pictures in your posts once in a while. Likewise, you have probably encountered the problem of resizing the images so that…


Auto Tagging: The Key to Streamlined Digital Asset Management

If your company has an enormous library of digital assets, finding a specific image for a new web project or targeted email campaign can be like trying to locate that…


Media Management Challenges Developers will Need to Tackle in 2016