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Typography Design


35 Inspiring Typographical Illustrations

Illustration and typography is not typically associated with each other. They each evoke a robust and separate visual statement concerning their own style. Can this type (as a figure of…


How to Use Typography to Align Brand Identity

Selecting the perfect font for promotional materials is a vital aspect of brand identity. Many small business owners and marketing professionals neglect to give proper attention to the fonts they…


20 Free Bootstrap Admin & Dashboard Templates

These pre-built free Bootstrap themes & templates have been designed as a complete solution for the admin area or dashboard of your web application.


30 Desktop Wallpapers with Beautiful Typography

Typography is the backbone of web and graphic design but it can also be a form of art on its own. Pairing the right fonts together, mixing and matching different…


45 Inspirational Examples of Typography in the Wild

For many ‘designers’ today, the ‘art of typography’ consists of picking a typeface – and, maybe if the audience is lucky, experimenting with leading, tracking, and kerning.
That’s not to say that there aren’t many extremely talented designers working with type today. Typography is, of course, an intricate art-form.


The Principles of Typography: Back to Basics

Content is king, but typography is the crown and design is the throne. Typography and design both help content maximize its potential and withstand the test of time. Typography enhances…


Typography as Art

Typography is one of the cornerstones of good graphic design. Selecting and manipulating typefaces is an art unto itself. Therefore, it’s no surprise that classic typography regularly makes its way…


30 Examples of Large Typography in Web Design

Functional typography in web design is, of course, key to usability. But functional does not have to mean boring. Big, loud and attention grabbing typography does have the presence and…


35 Creative Examples of Typography in Book Cover Design

Often, a potential reader judges a book as harshly on how the title looks, as they do what the title is. The font, color, spacing, size, imagery, and other factors…


25 Creative Album Covers with Stunning Typography

“You can judge a book by its cover” — ehm… this does not apply exclusively to books. Covers cast the first impression of every product, and if the cover is…


50 Creative Typographic Portraits

A picture is worth a thousand words. But what’s a picture of words worth? In the hands of some, far more still. Typographic Portraits combine the specifics of an image…


Exploring the Latest Trends in Web Typography