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About: Jake Rocheleau is a passionate web designer and social media entrepreneur. He is frequently researching the latest trends in digital design and new-age Internet ideas. He's also an advocate for the social media revolution - follow his updates on Twitter @jakerocheleau.

Responsive Image Techniques & Resources

Responsive web design has become a large topic of study over just a couple of years. Web developers are looking to keep up with trends and support the most common Internet-accessible devices. This used to mean only desktops and laptops, but now we have tablets and dozens of various smartphones all running wi-fi. This advancement only means that developers will…


Coding a Vimeo API Instant Search App with jQuery

Web developers and Internet enthusiasts alike are very fond of online video services. One social video website Vimeo is a great example of how HD content can be stored and streamed across the planet. I love the quality you find with Vimeo uploads and the user-base is extremely knowledgeable on a wide variety of topics. For this tutorial I want…


How to Create Lazy-Loading Images for your Website

The effects of lazy load images can be seen on a number of websites. This technique forces your images to pause the loading process until the reader has viewed that specific area of the page. Web designers can build this onto a webpage through a number of resources, especially jQuery plugins. In this article I’d like to examine lazy-loading images…


The Future of Email Marketing and Newsletter Designs

Website newsletters have been a piece of Internet marketing for generations. Webmasters can use e-mail newsletters as a method of communication between their most interested users. It’s a communication channel to share updates and related news to those who are interested. But where has modern email marketing advanced into now in Q4 2012? In this article I’d like to look…


Guide to Building Quality Digital Products for the Web

There are dozens of premium shops and marketplaces to be found all around the Internet. Usually these are popular vendors which sell various types of digital products – e-books, website templates, tutorial videos, icons, graphics, the list goes on for a while. But the idea behind these eCommerce stores is earning money by selling digital goods as opposed to physical…


Classic Digg-Style Radio Buttons with CSS and jQuery

I’m sure many Internet users can remember the old days when Digg was a booming social news community. Although the company has fallen fast off the tracks in recent years, their original design patterns will always be around for inspiration. Especially when you consider the modern HTML5/CSS3 trends in website design. For this tutorial I want to explain how we…


A History Lesson on the Rise and Fall of Adobe Flash

The long history of Flash has proven to be an interesting journey. Mostly all Internet users are familiar with the Flash Player plugin which, along with Adobe Reader, is constantly pushing updates. Flash is the original multimedia platform for the web which spans all the way back into the 1990s. But where has Adobe brought Flash into the present day?…