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This category focuses on designing apps for the mobile operating system Android. Topics covered include free GUI templates, resources and tutorials.


Free Android GUI & Wireframe Templates 2014

It’s been a couple of years since we last took at Android GUI templates, and a lot has changed in that time. Ice Cream Sandwich had just arrived back then, then Jelly Bean came, currently we are on KitKat, and pretty soon we will be seeing Android “L” rolled out, which will include Google’s new and exciting design language Material…


Reimagining an iOS App for Android

It’s one thing to make a great iOS app, but oftentimes the next step is to reproduce the experience for Android. It’s no easy task. After gathering experience in that process at Two Toasters, I’ve put together some fundamental principles on reimagining an iOS app for Android. 1. Treat your Android app as a new product. Despite the temptation to…


The Aesthetics of a Successful Mobile App: Lessons From Three Top Grossing Apps

The global mobile app market is poised to grow to $52 billion by 2016. Smartphone penetration is at an all-time high (sales increased by 42.7% to 154 million units). The mobile app market will mint the next generation of technology millionaires. There are more than 680,000 apps currently in the Apple app store, with nearly 375 being added every day….


Popular Tools for Cross Platform Mobile Development

It used to be time-consuming to port apps between iOS and Android devices due to differences in the development environments, Xcode and Eclipse ,and the programming languages, Objective C and Java. Plus, there has always been the fragmentation of devices and screen resolutions on Android devices to contend with. Thankfully, due to several emerging cross platform development environments, it is…

Android GUI Stencils, Kits and Templates

Two years ago we published the post Android App Developers GUI Kits, Icons, Fonts and Tools and upon review that post as not aged very well. It desperately needed updated. Two years really is a long time in mobile app development! All of these Android GUI templates, kits and stencils have all been designed to not only help you maintain…

40 Dribbble Shots for Mobile and UI App Design Inspiration

Mobile designers have become more prominent in today’s extensible web. iOS and Android apps have flooded the markets and earned a lot of money for some small development studios. The smartphone era has taken off with a huge buzz, and now app designers and developers are in high demand. The local design community Dribbble often features shots from mobile designers….

15 Useful Free Android Apps for Web Developers

We are not suggesting for a moment, with this post, that your Android mobile device would be a good alternative as a development platform to your desktop or laptop. All it shows with the current apps available, that it could be and the potential for more is certainly there. Maybe not so much with a mobile, but if you have one of the many iPad-a-like Android tablets that are currently available it certainly could be a reality.

A Useful Selection of Android Developer Tools and Resources

With its intuitive and open-source platform and support from the huge mobile phone manufacturers HTC, Samsung and Sony Ericsson, Androids year-on-year smart-phone marketshare has shown a massive growth of 886%! Just to put this into perspective, the iPhone has shown only 61% growth. These figures may give you an insight into the popularity of both platforms, but in actual fact,…