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In this category you will find articles, PSD templates, detailed tutorials and extensions for Adobe Photoshop.

Cool, Smooth and Chilled Out Desktop Wallpaper

This is a collection of desktop wallpaper that have a relaxing feel to them. Cool, smooth and chilling as we like to think of them, something for uncluttering the mind. Tree Widescreen Wallpaper Planet Football Wallpaper Memories Wallpaper Stand Out NKTR Wallpaper The Road to your Destiny zaitohra-naiyako Chillstate Morning Glory Wallpaper Desert drink Little Home End of the road…

Fantastic Cartoon Character Photoshop Tutorials

In this post we have collected some fantastic cartoon character Photoshop tutorials, here they are: Cartoon Character Photoshop Tutorials How To Create Your Own Vector Cartoon Character Monster Character Series Flying Bat Ghost Dumb Blue Sucker Monster Character Angry Orange Monster Character Green Slimey Monster Character Penguin Photoshop Tutorial Drawing Cartoon Birds Tutorial Cartoon Face – Tutorial Create a Vector…