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The Make People Buy Things Secret

Audacious title, The Make People Buy Things Secret, isn’t it? Imagine a single element that any designer – serving clients in any industry – can use to make a target market more likely to purchase your client’s products and services. If such a thing exists, what do you think it might be? Think about it for a second while I…


Inspirational Examples of Icon Sketching

Sketching is an important part of the design process. In fact, even the greatest designers prefer spending a good deal of time with the pencil, before heading to Photoshop or Illustrator. And when it comes to designing icons, the story is no different. Today, we have put together some of the best and most inspiring examples of icon sketching from…


It’s All About The Packaging

When I was a student in design school, I once did an assignment for a teacher who made us stand up and present our projects to the entire class. Now I’m not the best public presenter, and as a teenager in college, I was even worse. After I fumbled through my presentation, my teacher pulled me aside and said that…


Typical Oversights When Designing for Print

It is this crucial aspect that many designers forget to consider when designing for print. There are a number of problems that may pop up which can make your final product look different than what you intended. Here are just a few things to keep in mind if you want to be successful. Nearly every design begins as a digital…


20 Creative Vine Clips

It has only been around for only a short while, but Vine, Twitter’s new video sharing app, is already a major success. Instead of taking pictures, applying filters and writing insightful posts in 140 characters or less, people are able to explore their artistic potential by creating six-second looping video clips that are incredibly easy to share. Take a look…


Things You Need to Know about Guest Blogging

One of the ways to help improve your ranking with search engines, and especially Google, is with inbound links – those links that point back to you. Creating inbound links to your company website, blog, or portfolio is difficult to do without guest blogging. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear an audible groan of dismay from many of you reading…


Limited Exposure Creates Limited Design

I am going to explore, in this post, some of the reasons why designers can hit creative stalemates and what can be done to get past their limited design. Have you ever been looking through design annuals or other publications, keeping up to date on what’s happening in the industry, when you happen upon a bunch of work that’s leaps…