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In this category you will find general articles and many free extensions relating to Mozilla’s Firefox browser.


Australis: The New Look for Firefox

Even though it has lost considerable market share to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox is still the preferred and favored web browser for a good number of internet users. And in the light of stiff competition from Chrome, Firefox has recently been trying hard to come up with something new in an attempt to bridge its lost market share. And speaking…


Firefox 22: Less Plugins, More Features!

A couple of days ago Mozilla released the latest version (22) of their popular web browser Firefox. This release comes in rather quick, as version 21 was released just six weeks ago. However, just like every other major release, Firefox 22 comes loaded with various new features. First up, just like Chrome, Firefox 22 too supports WebRTC by default, enabling…


Browser Wars 2.0: Bring it on!

The internet has witnessed umpteen developments in the evolution of social/professional networking, online gaming & entertainment, and e-commerce, but none matches the sheer scale, speed and impact of those in the browser arena. Whether or not you are an avid online networker, gamer or buyer, if you use the internet, you are inevitably affected by the browser wars. And, no…

20 Firefox Extensions for Web Developers

Firefox is a widely-used browser – not just by users but web developers. Simply put, Firefox and its addons can make developing for the web easier and simpler. And with the release of Firefox 4, it got even easier. This article features 20 essential Firefox 4 addons for web developers. Before diving into the Firefox 4 addons, though, here’s a…

Extend the Firebug Console with these 15 Extensions

There are a lot of useful tools for web designers and developers, they do tend to come and go and it usually depends on personal preference whether or not any tool is used. There is only one tool that has lasted the test of time and is not only universally used but also loved, and that is the Firefox extension Firebug – it is by far and away the best tool within web design.

Creating a Web Development Environment using Google Chrome Extensions

Since its launch, an extension system has been one of the most sought after and requested features for Google Chrome, and last month, Google delivered. They launched, in beta, there Google Chrome Extensions web site, and in just under a month they have already cataloged an impressive 1000+ extensions (no support for the Mac, as yet).
So, the big question now is, how powerful, useful and indispensable can we, as developers and designers, actually make Chrome, while backed up with its new extensions? The next question is, can it or will it replace Firefox?

30 Extensions and Addons for Thunderbird

Thunderbird as a stand alone email client is not really that powerful, yet it can be useful for basic and not business use. What if you wanted more? What if you wanted a free alternative to the many overblown, commercial email desktop applications, can it be done? Of course it can. With the added inclusion of the many freely available extensions and addons it can bring this basic desktop email application many steps closer to becoming a viable alternative to the very powerful Microsoft Outlook or any other overblown and expensive email app.