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20 Free WordPress Themes with a Clean Layout

In this post we have collected some of the best free WordPress themes that have been designed with a beautifully spacious and clean layout. The round-up covers a variety of different types of themes (blogging, magazine, portfolio, photography…) and also caters to a wide range of users. The themes have all been developed to the highest of standards by some…


WordPress Custom Fields – A Simple Use

Custom Fields are one of those features inside WordPress that not everyone is fully aware of. While they’ve been around for awhile, they aren’t really screaming "use me" out of a standard install of WordPress. That said, they can really help you achieve some powerful and unique features in your projects. Let’s explore one simple idea of how you can…


12 Obscure WordPress Plugins You’ll Love

Running your own WordPress website can be quite a chore. The internet’s premiere blogging platform has plenty of functionality built in, but to add something extra, you will have to be prepared to put in a lot of extra legwork. Luckily, an enthusiastic community of open source contributors consistently brings you new ways to simplify your WordPress troubles on a…


30 New and Free Responsive WordPress Themes

Despite being free of charge, the free responsive WordPress themes we have for you today all have a premium quality to them. All are responsive, so they will adapt to various screen sizes straight out-of-the-box. They have all been built with modern design trends in mind, so plenty of flat designs, large typography and parallax scrolling. All are jam-packed full…


WordPress 3.8 Has Been Released this Week

Named “Parker” in memory of Jazz saxophonist Charles Parker, WordPress 3.8 has been released. This new version of WordPress brings many interesting features to the table, such as the redesigned admin interface and new admin color schemes (eight of them in total). The admin interface is now responsive, and sports Open Sans as the new font. Beyond that, the Theme…


Is There a Wordcamp Near You?

WordCamps are local/regional/international get-togethers where designers, developers and users meet to share their knowledge. Sure, lots of different software platforms, etc. have their own dedicated conferences. But attending a WordCamp is really not the same as attending a traditional conference. First of all, attending a WordCamp in your area is fairly cheap compared to other conferences, with tickets usually around…


Free WordPress Themes For Writers & Bloggers

Even though WordPress was originally conceived as a platform for bloggers, over the consequent years it has evolved into the limitless multi-purpose CMS we have today. It is this versatility that has resulted in the release of a stream of themes that are packed full of every conceivable layout, web UI elements, and of course, options pages that allow you…


Theme Shop or Theme Marketplace?

Let us say, you have started creating themes for WordPress users. All your designs and files are in order, you have spent hours coding and working with CSS, your PHP skills are exemplary. You are all set to offer premium themes to the world and watch your bank account grow overnight. Question is, how do you go about selling your…